Check Out The Full Recording of Sony’s “The World Created by Playstation 4″ Tokyo Game Show Keynote

If you just woke up and you’re cursing yourself for missing Sony’s “The World Created by Playstation 4″ keynote that was held at Tokyo Game Show, but you still want to see Andrew House boasting the expectation of selling five million PS4 consoles in five months, or Shuhei Yoshida demonstrating the PlayStation App and Remote Play and more, now you can.

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majiebeast1581d ago

I think the article title is missing a few Huh's.

Warning this video contains massive amounts of huh.

majiebeast1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I was dead when she said Gddrhuh5. The reason we all missed the PS4 no HDCP announcement was because she huhed all over it.

The one after her sounded like she was gagging on something.

Abriael1581d ago

I rather have the breathy translator than no translation at all lol :D

El_Assenso1581d ago

This conference was more like "The Huh Uh Show" haha! Worst translator ever, especially at 19:57 in the video!

mxrider21991581d ago

the a day with playstation vid was actually sick

Deagle1581d ago

At what time in the video do they announce the hdmi game capture?


BG115791581d ago

You got to admit the conference was very boring at moments... It's their classic style.
Sony is lucky they made the PS4 so well. They don't need a conference to show/confirm how good console is.

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The story is too old to be commented.