TGS: Dying Sucks More Than Ever in Dark Souls II | US Gamer

US Gamer: "The developers at From Soft intended to make the Souls games a mission to regain your life, with the undead state not being a penalty, exactly, but certainly not as ideal as playing in a corporeal state. But a fair number of gamers decided they actually like exploring the world of Souls in their undead form, as it allows them certain perks not available to the living. The most significant of these is that an undead player's world can't be invaded by other players -- which means they're safe from game-hacking jerks, among other things."

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feraldrgn1795d ago

From the article:
"One of those things is that, if you re-die repeatedly in an undead state, your character's maximum health will steadily degrade."

Does that mean our Soul Levels go to waste?
Or will it return to normal once we revive in body form?