How Dark Souls 2 will make life even harder | Polygon

Polygon: "The creators of Dark Souls 2 are adapting the gameplay systems of the original game in ways that will make life — and being undead — far more difficult for players. Certain gameplay crutches that players have relied upon to make Dark Souls slightly easier are being kicked out from beneath them, adding greater challenge and unpredictability."

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joab7771706d ago humanity but a huge incentive to play in human form. This may upset many that simply don't like playing online. That said it will beef up the online component for those who love to take advantage. So what replaces humanity?

Blackdeath_6631706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

this guy does a really good analysis he has played the game and knows pretty much anything to with souls games like the back of his hand. if you don't want to play online simply disconnect from the internet in a similar way to demon souls online from PS+. you will loose a bit of health every time you die in dark souls 2

grassyknoll1706d ago

This sounds incredibly good & seems to play a meta game with players. Definitely my most wanted game. The only bad news is there's no Playstation 4 version.

ALARM-clock1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I only play in offline mode now anyway, so the effect will be minimal. Got tired of being one hit killed by level 15-30 Darkwraiths. Haven't played online since.

Number-Nine1706d ago

Blue Phantom limit is lame.