Sony teases new Gravity Rush at Tokyo Game Show

Sony is teasing a new game in the Gravity Rush series. At its Tokyo Game Show booth main screen today, it showed a video featuring Gravity Rush protagonist Kat, before ending with the words “Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.”

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black0o1489d ago

and they said there'll be no surprises

Skips1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Team Gravity announces a surprise within a surprise...

Raven gets her own story!!! Along side Kat!

Anyone??? No? Just me... : /

NewMonday1489d ago

may favorite game on the Vita

miyamoto1489d ago

PS3, PSVita and PS4 cross platform release

like the PS3 original HD version

AznGaara1489d ago

The reason I bought a Vita was for this game. SO HYPED!!!

PoSTedUP1489d ago

wooow really? : O

like, as in the open world gravity rush, gravity rush?!

i thought sony was finished with their great news for the day?

is this real life?

wait, is sony a real company?

w-who am i?

AznGaara1489d ago

You have to choose.

*shows a blue pill in right hand and green pill in left hand*

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Majin-vegeta1489d ago

*Braces for stampede of Gravity Rush fans* Good to see Sony listening.

Biohazard88601489d ago

Sony always listens unlike that other company (:

Lexanth1489d ago

Oh man! This game would be awesome, since gravity rush had the feel of something incomplete to it.

RmanX10001489d ago

More than okay with this. Gravity Rush was awesome.

jazzlover5111489d ago

Glad I'm not the only who thinks that GR is awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.