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Sony teases new Gravity Rush at Tokyo Game Show

Sony is teasing a new game in the Gravity Rush series. At its Tokyo Game Show booth main screen today, it showed a video featuring Gravity Rush protagonist Kat, before ending with the words “Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.” (Gravity Rush, PS Vita)

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majiebeast  +   656d ago
black0o  +   656d ago
and they said there'll be no surprises
Skips  +   656d ago
Team Gravity announces a surprise within a surprise...

Raven gets her own story!!! Along side Kat!

Anyone??? No? Just me... : /
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NewMonday  +   656d ago
may favorite game on the Vita
miyamoto  +   656d ago
PS3, PSVita and PS4 cross platform release

like the PS3 original HD version
AznGaara  +   656d ago
The reason I bought a Vita was for this game. SO HYPED!!!
PoSTedUP  +   656d ago
wooow really? : O

like, as in the open world gravity rush, gravity rush?!

i thought sony was finished with their great news for the day?

is this real life?

wait, is sony a real company?

w-who am i?
AznGaara  +   656d ago
You have to choose.

*shows a blue pill in right hand and green pill in left hand*
jazzlover511  +   656d ago
Majin-vegeta  +   656d ago
*Braces for stampede of Gravity Rush fans* Good to see Sony listening.
Biohazard8860  +   656d ago
Sony always listens unlike that other company (:
Lexanth  +   656d ago
Oh man! This game would be awesome, since gravity rush had the feel of something incomplete to it.
RmanX1000  +   656d ago
More than okay with this. Gravity Rush was awesome.
jazzlover511  +   656d ago
Glad I'm not the only who thinks that GR is awesome
Lionalliance  +   656d ago
RTheRebel  +   656d ago
afegavgfsdvsdvfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vv
Quicktopick  +   656d ago
man u seemed liked u just bitten ur tongue there!
tachy0n  +   655d ago
cfjiojhxncygxcuxdmvghrsxckvbhn flkmdubkhfx


xKugo  +   656d ago
Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
Give me P5 as well and I will love you forever, Sony!!!
black0o  +   656d ago
as if u weren't to began with :P
xKugo  +   655d ago
Don't tell them that; they might not bring it to me!!
Relientk77  +   656d ago
Ok awesome news
Dinoegg_96  +   656d ago
ksa-sh8sh8b8  +   656d ago
Inception  +   656d ago
Lol tiffac, with your avatar, i knew right now you just flew through your rooftop XD
tiffac008  +   656d ago
This news actually took out the bad after taste of Sega buying Atlus for me. Lol

I am now in full positive vibes xD
coolasj  +   656d ago
Oh thank god. I was getting worried. Gravity Rush has quickly become one of my favorite experiences ever. No other game lets you give the middle finger to gravity so hard.
colonel179  +   656d ago
On one hand, it's awesome that Gravity Rush is getting a sequel. PS Vita needs games like this which are made entirely for the system and take advantage of it, instead of all those PS3 ports. On the other hand, I would love to see this franchise on the PS4. They could do a lot of great things with it, and it would look even better.
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Sheikah  +   656d ago
Oh, sweet :p was afraid they'd pull a Heavenly Sword on this one, and let the franchise be a standalone... Great news indeed
EmptySkyForm  +   656d ago
No surprises my ass! I've been wanting another Gravity Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!
memots  +   656d ago
They need a ps3 or ps4 version of this game.. I enjoyed it a bit on the Vita but i want big screen experience with these control and bigger environment.
Whxian  +   656d ago
vita tv --> big screen

it wouldnt be good to make the game non exclusive.
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memots  +   656d ago
they can leave the current version on the vita, I want a new one , Bigger , better , prettier , The control and the originally of this game is awesome. I just want MORE !
kwiksilver99  +   656d ago
yea baby:)
vita love.spread the vita love
GinkgoID  +   656d ago
That and monster hunter are fantastic news for the Vita!
Williamson  +   656d ago
Thank you Sony! Let my favorite game( last of us being another as well) get a sequel, but I want more replay value since this is a game I don't want to stop playing for a while.
PixelKnot  +   656d ago
Gravity Rush is my all time favorite Vita exclusive currently.
I was literally panting over the new shots of this awesome announcement.
Originally, did not think I was going to see this until next year.

Thank you Sony, you've made my night.
Can't wait for this game.
biglittlesps  +   656d ago
Great! this is cool concept and great game for me which made me to Get Vita.
Riyk  +   656d ago
This has definitely helped with making not so mad about an unfortunate event that just happened to me. Hope they aren't morons, and actually release this in the West.
tigertron  +   656d ago
I really have to complete Gravity Rush. Looking forward to the next one!
Acquiescence  +   656d ago
A sequel to my GOTY 2012?
Why yes please.

(I am hysterical right now, this is such great news.)
dafegamer  +   656d ago
Holy shit vita goty confirmed already ;_;
Thank you sony
H4all  +   656d ago
wow.. i heard to many great news today..

i am glad to be sony gamer...
tarbis  +   656d ago
Can't describe the awesomeness!

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George Sears  +   656d ago
I just Platinum'ed the game two weeks ago! Can't wait for a sequel!
Numa  +   656d ago
Here's some images and short gameplay

Team Gravityからのメッセージトレーラー
GABRIEL1030  +   655d ago
great !
JadedWriter  +   655d ago
YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Slam that shit into my veins right now Sony!!!
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