Memoirs Of A Moderator: A Personal Reflection

SpriteJournal:"As gamers we have all visited video game companies’ message boards and seen the moderators of those boards. You know, the guys who are constantly on the board, banning trolls and slapping order into place. Well, believe it or not, at one time I was a moderator for a very successful video game company. I won’t name names, for the sake of privacy. I just wanted to reflect for a moment about my time as a moderator and the reason for my retirement."

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SaulGoodman1831d ago

Must be a hard job. "So tired from banning people all day, need to get some rest." Lies down "Oh I can't sleep, I feel so bad." Goes online "You get a ban, you get a ban! Everyone gets a ban!" Feels better, falls asleep.

MultiConsoleGamer1831d ago

I've been a moderator on a couple of different message boards. It's what made me finally understand that all message boards are a sham and a waste of time. They are also populated by some of the worst people on earth.