From Software details new Dark Souls II features

Director Yui Tanimura outlines key changes to underlying gameplay systems for upcoming current-generation role-playing game.

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modesign1711d ago

are you still going to be ganked by D-bags. thats what deep down is going to fix.

thezeldadoth1711d ago

really does there have to be some ps4 worshiping nonsense bleeding into every comment section

Gothdom1711d ago

"Lastly, unlike the original Dark Souls, undead players are susceptible to invaders in the sequel. "

I'm not sure I like this. I mean, people who didn't want to pvp just played undead.

GamePeace1711d ago

Deep Down is the better Dark Souls, sorry Xbox 360 and PC owner...

garos821711d ago

Hey I'm excited for deep down too but don't you dare be little what is for me and I presume many others the best game of the fact the only reason I'm keeping current gen console is for dark souls 2.more excited about dark souls than deep down at this stage

SirBradders1711d ago

Totally agree, deep down hasn't even had hardly anything shown yet although it does look good.

Demon and dark souls for me was an extremely fun and rewarding game. The sheer scale and diversity of environment and enemies with a huge learning curve makes it truly hardcore.

GamePeace1711d ago

I have played all Souls games, after DS the quality went down, I wait for Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Deep Down and Soul Calibur Lost Swords...

ravinash1711d ago

While the graphics look good in deep down, the game play is still an unknown to most.
All I know is that the previous Demon and Dark souls gave me many...many...many hours of fun and I'll have a hard time not playing Dark souls 2.
I'm sure that if the reviews are good for Deep down, I'll be giving it a go... but part of the reason for that was because of dark souls.

Ripsta7th1711d ago

This is what makes "some" PS fanboys so pathethic, yet if we went on their article talking about an X1 game they start crying

Agrim1709d ago

How can you say that? They haven't shown ANYTHING about DD apart from some random monster slaying.

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