Here's the full Recording of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's Gameplay and Stage Event

During Tokyo Game Show, Kojima Productions gave a live demonstration of the Ground Zeroes prologue of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at the PlayStation booth, with the game's Director Hideo Kojima in attendance. Here's the full recording of the presentation and gameplay, split in four videos.


Update: Added an high resolution video to the post showing the gameplay only.

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Batzi1790d ago

waiting for HD version. This is VERY low resolution. Pixels everywhere.

Abriael1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Only the initial trailer (that is old) is very bad for some reason. The actual gameplay is much better.

Edit: I added a high resolution version as well, even if that one shows the MGSV gameplay only and not the rest of the stage banter.

Better? :D

Batzi1790d ago

They said they will be uploading it soon!

BiggCMan1790d ago

Man this looks just fantastic!!! How could anyone not be psyched about this??

Slow-mo? WHO CARES FOR GODS SAKE. I've been with Metal Gear for 15 years of my life, and it doesn't piss me off in the slightest.

All you haters take one damn look at the story trailers so far, ESPECIALLY from E3, and you tell me this game will disappoint. Don't even try, you will embarrass yourself.

The work being done for the story, and the graphics technology is just amazing in this game, and something stupid like slow motion time and a faster moving Snake pisses people off, some fans you people are (not the guys above me).

For one thing, it's not something you can activate at will, so you can't abuse it. You can ONLY use slow mo if a single enemy sees you, and then you must TRY and take him out before it ends, or it will activate a base wide alert.

This sounds perfectly fine, and a natural progression to the series.

Shadowstar1790d ago

I'm not a hater, I'm a Hayter-supporter. :p (I'll probably try to get the Japanese version or something.)

Syntax-Error1790d ago

BiggCman, you're easily impressed. The sound effects were bad and Snake moves kinda stiff. Tires squealing in mug, Snake doesn't leave footprints, no fluidity. Same gun sounds from 15 years ago. Step the sound effects up to real gunfire. That stupid pop-click was so 1998

starchild1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I do have to say that the marking enemies and slow-mo kills is a lot like the mark and execute mechanic in Splinter Cell Conviction and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

But that's fine. It's ok to take inspiration from other games if it results in a better game overall.

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BallsEye1790d ago

Looks great on my watch.

marison1790d ago

Best graphics on PS3 to me, until now.

BiggCMan1790d ago

It was shown on PS4 I believe, though yes it will be on PS3. I can't imagine it looking quite this good.

Gardenia1790d ago

Totally not impressed by this. You have to be realistic, noting new in this video

solid_snake36561789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I looks great, but I hate some of the new features in the game. Enemy tagging and being able to see the enemy through objects, just kills the need to sneak around. Getting rid of rations and replacing them health regen takes away from the survival aspect. Not including David hayter, well just ain't right.

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AgentSmithPS41790d ago

My reaction "Why did they let Michael J. Fox hold the video camera?"

xKugo1790d ago

What's with all the low quality videos for these next-gen titles. They don't do the games justice, AT ALL!!!

Abriael1790d ago

Compression is what you get with livestreaming. Anyway, the video I just added is a lot better.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1790d ago

This game just gets worse and worse.

Crappy new voice actors.
Regenerating Health.
Freezing time right as you're alerted.

RIP Metal Gear Solid. I knew it was going to go downhill with Rising but it looks like they carried over the mediocrity to MGSV too.

Abriael1790d ago

Said the one with the fake dante in the avatar.

Can't be more ironic than that...

WitWolfy1790d ago

I agree with him... WTF is up with the bullet time and Hitman like enemy trace feature???

Call me old fashioned, but they should've left it the way it was in MGS 4. It was PERFECT!

nypifisel1790d ago

How do you know it's even present at higher difficulties? Kojima himself said he was worried how the demonstration would go so it's obviously on a easy difficulty. I wouldn't worry at all.

Also this is Ground Zeroes not Phantom Pain.

Ezz20131790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

i love MGS4
but for reasons of my own i'm not hyped for this at all
i don't like regenerating health (yes i know it always was in MGS games) but i thought this new game wil get rid off it
i don't like the bullet time
and i don't like the enemy trace feature

but i will keep an open mind and hope for an option to disable those things or higher difficulties will disable them

nypifisel1790d ago

Don't worry, they'll never be in it on European Extreme, that's for certain. One must think about how it correlates into the difficulty settings in older MGS games. I would bet not even hard got them!

Syntax-Error1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

@Abriael - What does his avatar have to do with his comment? Just because you dislike the new look of Dante makes his comment less relevant than yours? Get off the I HATE DANTE, SAM FISHER NEW VOICE, ACTIVISION, EA, UBISOFT, XBONE, M$ train you child. That is tired and old. Grow the f*ck up. I was going to the go to the pharmacy and see what a real douche bag looks like, but I see I don't have to anymore.

starchild1789d ago


Haha that's so true. I hate all the trendy little bandwagons people jump on nowadays.

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deadfrag1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

You are really a stupid guy!Why havent we a way to get people like you out of this web site for good!

CocoWolfie1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

regenerating health was part of mgs4 when you crouched i think so its nothing new, especissally if they link it to nanomachines.
freezing time, it slows time down, im not to sure about this but with an open world as big as this, just dont get spotted and you wont have to ;) but yeah i think itll help, insted of having to sit through the alert time everytime you got spotted and the fun controls werent that great :')
oh and voice actors... well this is the japanese version, so expect more expressions, voice actors seem to go that way, so dont worry :)

GrandpaSnake1790d ago

you are a fool regeneration of health was in mgs4 just not online, you are no real fan, stick to dante.

Greysturm1790d ago

Actually regemerating health has been in since mgs1 when you got wounded into a lower threshold you crouched and recovered a bit. Its most notable appeareance was in mgs3 when it required you to have high stamina and it took a long time, it is still by far the best healing method of the series in my opinion.

I will need to test the bullet time mechanic before commenting but it seems like a good adition considering its open world and without soliton you can easily be ambushed around a corner or through a door.

Finally as I said before Big Boss is not Solid Snake and they should have had a different voice actor since mgs3.

noctis_lumia1790d ago

u still trolling here

dude pllllllllllllz go back to that piece of crap dmc game lol

ZHZ901790d ago

Rising was alot better than DmC, DmC is nothing like original DMC. DmC is one of the worse games I've played this current gen and now DMC is destoryed.


As for MGS, it's getting better and better.

Syntax-Error1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Then you must've not played anything. There's a lot of game worse than DMC this gen. Either you're broke as f-ck, have no games, or you're one of those whiners that like to complain about everything, because I can name over 30 games that dont play or look as good as DMC. I guess you think Army of Two, Dark Sector, Dante's Inferno, Sniper Elite, The Outfit, Silent Hill, and Medal of Honor were the shit? GTFOH whiner

ZHZ901789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

How about it's inferior to orignal and I am glad it failed to Capcom's expectations. :)

Btw I am hardcore DMC fan and I am happy DmC really failed. Haha. :D

@Syntax, alot worse than DmC ok so what's your point?

My point is I want a proper DMC5 not rebooted DmC with less felling DMC. DmC should've been a new IP. :)

levian1789d ago

Oh yay. You can see enemies through walls, just like in Every. Other. New. Stealth. Game.

I love MGS, and will buy and enjoy this game, but come on.

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deadfrag1790d ago

I just want a release date!

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