Hands-on with the PS Vita TV, a little box with a lot of diversity | Polygon

Polygon: "The PS Vita TV is being positioned as a Swiss army knife for Sony's burgeoning video game ecosystem — a kind of jack-of-all-trades that touches on elements the company has already explored with its other hardware. If you need any more proof of that, you need simply to observe the Vita TV's demo station at TGS 2013, which has a plethora of hands-on experiences — from PSOne emulation to manga viewing — that you can have with the device.

Its functionality is inarguably broad; but some of those functions work better than others."

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miyamoto1833d ago

Shut up Polygon!
No one trusts you now!
Close down your damn crappy site down.

Godmars2901833d ago

Or just become an Xbox-only news site.

xbone1801833d ago

That would be preferable since clearly they don't care for anything Sony.

Tiqila1833d ago

"in how many scenarios will you be near a TV and wanting to play PS4, but unable to ... actually play your PS4 on a TV?"

e.g. when you are at a friends house and he has no ps4 (but most people have a tv you know?)

or at my parents house (they dont really play consoles, you know?)

or your tv is occupied (e.g. by other family members) and you have fall back to your second smaller tv (which is why your ps4 is plugged to the bigger one which you cant use because it is occupied).

man you guys are really stupid, so many possibilities and you cant even think of a single one...

Mike134nl1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

I can see it being used on a second screen in a secondary room or maybe as a cost effective means of sharing your ps4 with a friend.

Even though the ps4 is bigger than the psvita tv, it is still possible to take it to a friends or your family place, reducing possible lag issues.

Tiqila1833d ago

increasing the risk of a broken ps4
and you have to travel with more weight and a bigger bag (or whatever you carry your ps4 in).

Mike134nl1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

@ Tiqila
True though bringing a console to my parents house or to a friends house is not really a standard situation for me that is.

I really see the psvita tv as a device for an secondary television and streaming stuff, which would be a suitable reason for me to by one. But I do not see bringing it to other people houses as a reason for me to by one.

For the one time I might choose to bring a ps4 or psvita tv to someone else his place might as well bring the ps4. Especially as I would consider the psvita as an online only/dependant device(edit: unless I would like to play a vita game on a tv), requiring high speed and a steady connection in such a case.

rustyspoon801833d ago

I'm (almost) as excited for this device as I am PS4. Hopefully, it'll not be a stupid price when it finally gets released in the UK.
As Tiqila said, it'll make using the PS4 so much easier when you have to move around.
I remember packing up my PS3 to take it round to a mates house and it was a pain. Something this small will fit in your pocket.

bigbearsack1833d ago

I agree ! I too took Polygoons off my book marks of various game sites I frequent. Keep pumping in those Ouya reviews please. And the sudden hate review for attention. Plus, they spend to much time throwing they images online. Nerdy guy with glasses and balding fat guy.