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Monster Hunter Frontier G Suddenly Announced for PlayStation Vita, First Screenshots Appear

PlayStation fans have been clamoring for a while about Capcom's "betrayal", and the move of numbered Monster Hunter games to the Nintendo camp, but things suddenly changed. (Monster Hunter Frontier G, PS Vita)

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chadboban  +   751d ago
Well, I guess it's a start. Can't say I've heard favorable things about Frontier though.
Nitrowolf2  +   751d ago
ugh not sure how I feel about paying monthly for it though TBH. It's the MMO Port, I like Monster Hunters, but seeing that this one's a pay to play I am not sure about it. Been waiting for years for Capcom to give us a MH game on the PS3 and then they decide to try and nickle and dime us with the MMO.
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Kingthrash360  +   751d ago
wow suprized i am.
but not frontier tho...man mh4 would have been solid. but good news is good news.
rezzah  +   751d ago
Not only that but capcom never really improved the graphics for MH. A realism in art design and textures go well with its realistic gameplay.

They are holding back on improvements in that area as it still looks like MH on the PS2.
Blacktric  +   750d ago
"A realism in art design and textures go well with its realistic gameplay."

Could you be any more wrong?
SilentNegotiator  +   750d ago
At least we know that the Nintendo deal is finished in some sort of regard.

It still boggles the mind that Sony could not think to secure the biggest franchise on PSP for their 8th gen handheld.
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kayoss  +   751d ago
Well this is a good start. I think capcom wants to test the water first before going full blown with the series onto the ps vita.
Beetey  +   751d ago
That is exactly what I'm thinking.

spok22  +   751d ago
Go Niners!
falcon97  +   750d ago
MH4 looks graphically miles better...so does MH3 on 3ds..
miyamoto  +   751d ago
lol, you really opened a can of worms.

MH4 will only look good on a tiny screen bus really low res pixelated mess.

compared to this
HardcoreGamer  +   750d ago
ps vita is such an awesome system, i mean 3ds is good but i really think the vita is way better in terms of a handheld. but install base is what makes devs do their things they do. as well as other factors obviously. ya know.

like maybe nintendo offered a glass of water to capcom guy,, then to only forget to give it to the capcom guy.

those are what changes a man. not war. we are just tools of the government,

ok iv lost myself and everyone there. my bad. too much mgs for me lately
falcon97  +   750d ago
The screens you see for MH4 are half the actual resolution you get twice that resolution in 3D......look i played MH3G on 3DS and it blew me away with the graphics and 60fps whilst in 3D mode and realtime shadows it trumped the wii version so looking a screen shots of 3DS games is pointless because their at 400x240 and when u actually play 3DS its 800x240 in 3D or 2D...
DarkHeroZX  +   749d ago
@ falcon97

"The screens you see for MH4 are half the actual resolution you get twice that resolution in 3D......look i played MH3G on 3DS and it blew me away with the graphics and 60fps whilst in 3D mode and realtime shadows it trumped the wii version so looking a screen shots of 3DS games is pointless because their at 400x240 and when u actually play 3DS its 800x240 in 3D or 2D... "

lol this is why Nintendo fans should just stick to enjoying their games. First of all the game runs at 30fps and dips below that at times. Secondly all games are 400x240 or 240p. when you turn on the 3D so it display 800x240 what's happening is that the image is being rendered twice to give the illusion of the 3D effect. Not only do games get progressively worse when you turn up the 3D but the performance decreases as well. try playing DOA or Street Fighter 4 with and without 3D. The frames litterally drop to unplayable levels with the 3D on. When the 2DS is out you'll only get 400x240 at any given time because there is no 3D function to render the image twice.
JackVagina  +   751d ago
At least it's something... (it's a remake/port fyi)
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Abriael  +   751d ago
It still looks better than Monster Hunter 4 lol
chadboban  +   751d ago
Yeah, um not exactly...

Abriael  +   751d ago
@chadboban hello, higher resolution textures, better definition, higher polygon models.

It definitely looks a TON better.

PS: thanks for the trailer link. I had missed that one.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   751d ago
They both look pretty epic and I'm getting both.

Monster Hunter is still Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter is epic, no matter what platform.

No need to let any fanboyism for one platform blind me.... anything with Monster Hunter in the name is going to be epic.

The only fanboyism here that should be present is the one for the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter <3
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chadboban  +   751d ago
The only thing I'm really noticing is a lot less jaggies. Monster Hunter 4 has better animations and lighting as well. Also the colors are really dull compared to 4.

Let's be honest here man, it looks like an uprezzed PS2 game. Soul Sacrifice looks a lot better than this. But I know I'm gonna get disagreed to hell and back for it.

And no probs about the trailer, found it on GAF actually.

All people are saying is "Yay Monster Hunter Vita!" but you aren't seeing the bigger picture.

It's always online.
It's a port of a very old monster hunter.
The game it's a port of is not looked at favorably by the Monster Hunter fanbase.
It's filled with microtransactions and is apparently the grindiest Monster Hunter ever.
It's not exclusive and is coming to PS3 and Wii U and is already on PC and 360.

Sure if it does well on Vita perhaps Capcom will bring more Monster Hunter games to Vita which could really turn it around. But this just doesn't seem like a good effort on Capcom's part, Japanese people on the stream actually laughed at the announcement.
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Abriael  +   751d ago
Because you can talk for the monster hunter fanbase right?

Considering how popular the game is in Japan, it doesn't sound they agree with you.

And the pixels on Monster Hunter 4 are enormous. It's a muddy mess in comparison.
dark-hollow  +   750d ago
Are you really comparing that mmo piece of crap to Mon hun 4?
CaptainN  +   750d ago
Dan_scruggs  +   750d ago
For a monthly fee. So have fun with that.
chadboban  +   751d ago
Nope it's a port of a MMO Monster Hunter released in 2007 for the 360/PC that is also getting a PS3 and Wii U version later this year. The PSP version you're probably thinking of is Freedom Unite.

Edit: Thanks for editing your post, removing "PSP remake/port". Now my post looks out of context.
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JackVagina  +   751d ago
my bad... but i did edit before you posted

Edit: @gribblegrunger yes...he could have edited his post to coincide with my edit by deleting "Nope" and "The PSP version you're probably thinking of is Freedom Unite."

then everything would have been fine
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GribbleGrunger  +   751d ago
Wait a minute ... Why did you type that your post looks out of context when you could have removed what looked out of context when you edited it?! My head hurts.
chadboban  +   751d ago

Nah, I don't really like to change my entire post unless I double posted by mistake or something. I rather just leave a note so that people don't get confused, but seeing that I've made your head hurt, seems that I've failed at that. lol
chadboban  +   751d ago

Hey, no worries man. Just checked saw that you edited and I posted at pretty much the same time. Man, talk about close. LOL
jujubee88  +   751d ago
Dat username and avatar.
Dlacy13g  +   751d ago
Its a solid title for the Vita to add to the library.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   751d ago
Hopefully this doesn't split their Japanese fanbase
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xxPillsxx  +   751d ago
The West... don't forget the western
Seriously, bring it to the west
falcon97  +   750d ago
This will not come to the west......
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   751d ago
About time
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   751d ago
Not sure how I feel about it being a pay to play mmo... yeah no
dcj0524  +   751d ago
After playing other monster hunting games I really don't care about monster hunter anymore.
Mario18  +   751d ago
Cool you can leave this article then
paul-p1988  +   751d ago
God Eater :)

Seriously, i love Monster Hunter, but not too happy about this announcement. Hell, even a port of the 3DS version would have been better and a lot more well received.

There was a post above where someone said even the Japanese people laughed at this announcement, THAT is when you know Capcom screwed up yet again, because they go out in their MILLIONS to buy any new Monster Hunter game but it already sounds like they won't be getting this...
ABizzel1  +   751d ago
As I said a while back, 2014 is the year of the Vita. PS Vita TV should be world wide, sales should be up, and games should drop like flies in a kitchen.
ABizzel1  +   751d ago
lol at this continuous "1" phantom disagree. Get a life kid.
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AbortMission  +   751d ago
You get that phantom dislike too? Lol
ABizzel1  +   750d ago
I know who it is. Just embarrassed someone with FACTS, and now I''m getting phantom disagrees and hate PM's from accounts that only have 2 - 3 comments in their history with all 3 comments being on the Same Forza 5 article which I haven't commented in.
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Beetey  +   751d ago
Whoah. Did not see that coming. It's unfortunate that this will never be localized, but it does bode well for the future of MH on the Vita.
GinkgoID  +   751d ago
Even if it is a port of a 2007 game, it is hard to over-estimate how important this is for Vita, especially in Japan. Others MH will follow.
tubers  +   751d ago
It came to the 360. It didn't save it.

It's like Sony getting panties from his ex, Capcom, who's now married to Nintendo and screwing each other everyday.

Not even a BJ (MHP3rd qHD VITA)? For shame.
thehobbyist  +   750d ago
The 360 never had a chance in Japan to begin with.
ritsuka666  +   750d ago
Yep.Too late.too late.. for Vita.. this thing will not recover sales in japan.
talocaca  +   751d ago
Announced just after the release of MH4? I wonder how much Nintendo paid for Capcom's silence...

In all honesty...I don't get the obsession in Japan with Monster Hunter...I live here and know how they LOVE to follow trends...but still.

Vita already has Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Phantasy Star Online and now Monster Hunter Frontier G....

Still good news but hardly the mainstream hit that MH4 is.
thehobbyist  +   750d ago
There are tons of articles as to why they love Monster Hunter so much and it usually mentions escapism.
Rikuson1  +   750d ago
Don't forget upcoming games I think that are all better than the Monster Hunter series Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Phantasy Star Nova, God Eater 2 and Freeddom Wars. All upcoming Ps Vita games that in my opinion shit on the Monster Hunter Series. You can call them clones all you want but there's one thing they all have that MH didn't. Good online play and no sluggish gameplay or controls
MegaLagann  +   751d ago
I don't want to sound negative, but in the Monster Hunter community the Frontier series is viewed as the worst. Despite Japan loving Monster Hunter the Frontier games never did that well (probably due to Japan's complete disinterest with MMOs). And my Japanese is a bit rusty, but when Frontier was announced for the Vita there were a lot of people on the stream laughing. Not saying it won't do well or move a few Vitas, but every comment on the IGN article is saying how this will move a million units which probably won't be the case. In other words keep your expectations in check.
H4all  +   751d ago
Wow it's actually happen..

it's a Monster Hunter!! YESS!!!!
Chrono  +   751d ago
So they're going to release this on a ton of consoles, but not even one of these is in English?????
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Whxian  +   751d ago
since it's an mmo, it would probably take alot of effort for it to release in english, compared to releasing a normal game.
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thehobbyist  +   750d ago
It'll never come to VITA they said! Give up hope they said!
Wni0  +   750d ago
God damnit. Stop using that ps2 engine you lazy ass developers. Do you really expect us to play that shit, with 9 loading screens per level? Have you seen killzones graphics? Have you no soul? This looks terrible, stop milking this once great franchise.
SoulSercher620  +   750d ago
While this is good news, it's also pay to play. Looks like I'm sticking with MHFU.
PrimeGrime  +   750d ago
I'll pass, one of the worst MH's and on top of that its a monthly subscription. Even if they dropped the sub I would still be hesitant to buy this one.

Just a slap in the face really. All these years and this is what we get, some old ass frontier subscription crap.

Nah don't use that money on better versions or even porting Monster Hunter 4 to consoles or the Vita. Just reuse some old stuff to cash in on. What is sad is this is probably some test but no one will probably even buy this a second time, it didn't do well the first time and if it still has a sub I highly doubt it will do any better now. Barely anyone pays for subs anymore to play one game these days.
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illtornworld  +   750d ago
yeah wtf Capcom. cant delver new ips for us, the ones who made you lol. f a monthly fee, the game prolly sucks imo
beakeroo1  +   750d ago
Keep it crapcom, we have SS, Toukiden, Ragnarok etc already

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