Outlast Review (BioGamer Girl)

BioGamer Girl states, "Outlast is a survival horror game in every sense of the term, and players should do themselves a favor and have a backup pair of underwear ready when playing this delightfully horrifying new title."

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Thirty3Three1827d ago

You're just handing out 6/10s everywhere :O

I mean, it's an opinion of yours, of course! And I respect that!

However, wouldn't it be better to get another person who enjoys horror better to review these games? Both this and the other game got, on average, 8/10s (And since I've beaten Outlast, I'd EASILY buy it a second time for the PS4, as well as give it a 9/10.)

I just feel like either you're not big on these sort of games, hence the lower score(s), or you just... write.... reviews... and give the games... lower scores...

Mario181827d ago

A 6.5 is only 1.5 points away from an 8

Thirty3Three1827d ago

Considering it's a 1-10 scale, though, that's a pretty massive jump.

It's like getting a quiz with 5 questions, and getting only 3 right.

That's pretty bad. That's a 60 - which is a D in most places.