Activision Blizzard Buyout On Hold After Court Injunction: ATVI Remains 'Committed'

In corporate law, as in relationships, as soon as anyone starts talking about commitment something is probably about to happen, and it may not be good.

Thus it is for Activision Blizzard , which has announced that they remain committed to their buyout plans to free themselves of parent company Vivendi . Which means, of course, that the separation is proving less zipless than was first hoped.

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majiebeast1766d ago

Leave it to one scumbag to block the buyback.

yellowgerbil1766d ago

That's why you never go public. You never sell yourself to a publisher and you never give up ownership of what you create.
You would think with all the horror stories in the past few years of small companies being bought out then shut down, or companies constantly risking delisting because of low stock worth would teach these Indie companies to STAY indie.
Hopefully with the new landscape of gaming they can stay indie, with things like kickstarter and Sony MS trying to get them onboard and spotlighted.