Dante's Inferno sets sights on the big screen

Dante's Inferno is being made into a film, which is kind of interesting and kind of scary. Making the scales tip more into the "interesting" category: Director Fede Alvarez is officially in talks to bring the game to the big screen - and Alvarez is best known for his remake of Evil Dead.

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Godlovesgamers1768d ago

I wish Dante's Inferno would set its sights on a sequel. I know Im in the minority here but I loved the first game, far underrated in my opinion.

First game I ever platinum'd.

Transporter471768d ago

The game was okay, I beat it since I love God Of War, but man this game wasn't as epic as they wanted you to see it. Rather see a GOW movie though :P

deadfrag1768d ago

GOW no way!i liked Dante's Inferno too just like GOW but im against making movies out of games 99%chance of ruin the franchises then get a good movie.

pyramidshead1768d ago

You're not in the minority dude, trust me. I wanted a sequel too, and there was this one dude who was apparently set to write it until it kinda faded into vaporware and it wasn't heard of again. Can't remember what the article but he apparently teased that he was writing the sequel with a trailer of dante's inferno or something a long those lines.

Technically it's a trilogy so Purgatory and Paradiso would be the last two. I loved the game in its own right because I was a GOW fan and loved the art direction and the descent within the circles of hell. They really need to get it back! A next gen Purgatory game would be epic, but I guess they need to write a suitable story etc.

level 3601768d ago

Got both the PS3 game and the Blu Ray anime epic.. you can say both mediums ( as the article says ) didn't fully stick to the plot which I can fully accept. I did enjoy playing the game and watching the cartoon adaptation.

Quite certainly Dante's Inferno if taken literally and seriously of it's entire content/context would be hard to fathom in terms of it's immense complexities.

kydrice1768d ago

I loved the game but I'm sorry, I'm going to call it right now, this movie will BOMB. I seriously don't see how anyone can pull off a movie with this game. I mean game based movies already have a stigma of being bad and I this won't end any different. Might as well just hand it off to Ewe Boll and make it go straight to video or a Syfy movie and call it a day.

BLAKHOODe1768d ago

Wow! They are bringing the game to the big screen. I heard they wrote a POEM based on the game, too. Crazy!

LOL @ journalism these days.