Iizuka talks Sonic spin-offs/titles with other characters, says Big the Cat game is “a nice idea”

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has expressed some interest in creating Sonic spin-offs and titles featuring other characters.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1619d ago

knuckles, shadow,silver and tails are the only ones that should get a spin-off game, maybe espio and blaze,but big the cat LMFAO what are we gonna do go fishing for the entire game,oh wait.
"Iizuka was asked by ONM this month if Big the Cat will ever receive his own game. In response, he said that such a proposal is “a nice idea”, and feels that the character would be well-suited in a fishing title".

KonsoruMasuta1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I would love to see another Shadow game. I actually enjoyed certain aspects of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Although I didn't like how they tried to turn the Son I verse into some gritty place where Shadow ruthlessly murders people, cusses, steals cars, and uses guns.

A Big the Cat game is a horrible idea though.

PopRocks3591619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Yuck, no. As if Sega has not butchered his character enough with that god-awful spinoff or the horrible '06 game.

Guns were not necessary, the cursing was out of place and the game was just genuinely poorly programmed and designed. No more Shadow. While we're at it no more Silver or any of the other crappy characters.

Why not focus their efforts on a true 3D Sonic game with Tails in a possible coop mode? And an alternate mode where you play as Knuckles? You know, like the older games did?

TotalSynthesisX1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Revenge of the Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald

Holiday 2013

weekev151619d ago

@ poprocks
like Sonic Lost World you mean?

PopRocks3591619d ago


Does Lost World have a coop mode with Tails and does it let you play as Knuckles?

_QQ_1619d ago

no its a Mario galaxy style co-op, but you can race your friends using robot sonics.

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ChickeyCantor1619d ago



linkenski1619d ago

The only good sonic character are sonic and tales and eggman. All the others make the franchise feel bloated.

kirbyu1618d ago

I'd like to see Dr. Eggman get his own game. And no, not a Kirby's Avalanche ripoff.