Titanfall confirmed playable at EB Expo

Stevivor's Leo Stevenson writes, "EB Games today announced that Titanfall would be playable at the EB Expo to be held 4-6 October."

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Kingthrash3601761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

on pc or xbox1? my question.
my money is on pc.

MRMagoo1231761d ago

LOL of course it will be on the pc, i dont think anyone has a game running on the xbone well enough at mo to show live to ppl and let them play it E.G Ryse years in dev and only 900p under 30fps at mo.

Mario181761d ago

And don't forget the massive battles scenes

strigoi8141760d ago

It was running on PC since it was announced..even MS use PC to showcase their games anyways

Kingthrash3601760d ago

yeah i know, thats why i said i bet its running on pc. its also why i cant get overly hype about the game on xbox 1. on pc it looks mega awsome but until i see it running on x1 i refuse to say its a xbox1 system seller. its a pc seller for sure but we all know pc games tend to look better and run better. the fact that they keep using a pc but calling it a xb1 game is kinda bringing doubt about it being a x1 killer game. ms has lost my trust to the point where i belive they will do anything to sell their system...even lie....again...and again.

WeAreLegion1761d ago

If there is a playable demo somewhere out there RIGHT NOW...why don't they release it for like a weekend on Steam/Origin or something? It would get people pumped! I know I'd love to play it!

voodoogts1761d ago

Will it be using Microsoft Windows platform? If so M$ ftw!

mickaelmc1760d ago

In about 6 months, 2 weeks after it's out on the PC, we will get confirmation that it'll be out for PS4 before the year is through.

jimsas1760d ago

...keep dreaming - it's a windows platform exclusive

mickaelmc1760d ago

Haha. You'd like to believe that for some reason since you've made it up.
Respawn isn't going to ignore millions of dollars in sales because Microsoft wants them to. EA is publishing Titanfall, not M$.

jimsas1760d ago

Sure I made it up here's the link to where I made it up from ...

1nsomniac1760d ago

Its already Official it will only be playable on PC & not XBone - Straight from official XBone spokesperson.

mickaelmc1760d ago

Yeah. There's a reason for that.

sengoku1760d ago

the amazing power of the cloud...

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