Sony Demonstrates Remote Play Between PS4 and PS Vita TV For the First Time, Video Inside

During the Sony Computer Entertainment Tokyo Game Show Keynote, SCE WorldWide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida gave the very first demonstration of using the PS Vita TV to play Kack on the PS4 via Remote Play.

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Xsilver1833d ago

how didn't i get this conference.

culpepper5161833d ago

looks like a game changer. no pun intended

Vitalogy1833d ago

They should've shown it also running on the PS Vita itself.

I already saw more advertising from sony for the PS Vita TV in this short period of time than I saw for the PS Vita during these 2 years in -.-

black0o1832d ago

^^ they show it on vita at revel 02/20 and e3...etc

gaffyh1832d ago

@Vitalogy - Yeah this was specifically to advertise the Vita TV, which I am actually considering getting for my PC monitor. Although I will need to upgrade to a monitor with HDMI in.

Kingthrash3601833d ago


^^^^^^^^^^^ only made up word that describes this.

JimmyLmao1833d ago

it's pretty cool how you can do it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

going to your friends house?
put the Vita TV in your pocket and play your PS4 games there.

DOOMZ1833d ago

Cool, will be utilizing this, but that guys voice is freakin scary, lol!

thejigisup1832d ago

i had to mute this bc i honestly felt uncomfortable.

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The story is too old to be commented.