PlayStation App Announced For Smartphones to Interact with PS4, Check out a Few Screenshots

During the Tokyo Game Show Press conference SCE WorldWide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida announced and showcased the PlayStation App.

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jdktech20101767d ago

I can't believe I'm saying this but Shu can draw better than I can....anyway, it's a companion app which looks cool but nothing I didn't know was already coming.

JoelT1767d ago

UX is a tricky thing. It's nice to know that Sony put resources in this thing to make it at least look polished. Thumbs up!

AceBlazer131767d ago

Guess I gotta get a new phone.Xperia Z looks really nice.

ToffeeNoseNelson1767d ago

The Xperia Z is really nice, I tried to hold out for the Z1 but could not wait, you will not be disappointed.

DonMingos1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

PS4, PSVita and Xperia Z1 combo just come to me!!!!!

Dlacy13g1767d ago

Copying the most sincere form of flattery. ...

DonMingos1766d ago

Yep... I was thinking about that when M$ anounced that Xbone would have a Blu-Ray Player, Recording and sharing capabilities and last but not the least: No DRM

Dlacy13g1766d ago

Indeed... I love that MS was forced to go blu-ray on their machine. recording and sharing I won't say either copied on the other since clearly both systems have had that feature in development from the outset. Lastly, the DRM...Absolutely! competition drove MS to change their policy and that is 100% what we as gamers should want to see these companies doing.

Soldierone1767d ago

Does it work with HTC One? If not, oh well. Sony never works with Verizon so I can never buy their phones. Even unlocked ones don't work on Verizon's network.

Transporter471767d ago

should work on android/ios devices if i'm correct.

mxrider21991767d ago

htc one is android and it says its compatable with every android and ios

coolasj1767d ago

Sideload the .apk. I've done it with a few apps, like Frozen Synapses. It's not the place of the app maker to tell me what I can and cannot run.

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The story is too old to be commented.