Phantasy Star Nova Tokyo Game Show trailer

Sega released a new trailer for Phantasy Star Nova at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Pancit_Canton1798d ago

Why bother. Sega is not going to localize this. F it.

Inception1798d ago

Never lose hope my friend >.<

Baylex1797d ago

Still waiting for PSO2...

Rockets121797d ago

Well because its at the Tokyo Game Show, and it will be available there. Im hoping for this and god eater 2 to be localized...along with others

brickcap1798d ago

Phantasy star has a good track record of being localized especially the handheld games. Both psp games and the ds game came to the west. SO this has a pretty good chance.

SegaGamer1797d ago

We are still waiting for PSO 2 to be's been over a year now and the only news we have had since March was that is was going to be delayed.

Since this game is going to be set in the same world as PSO 2 what is the point of it being released over here ? we won't even understand the story.

SirBradders1798d ago

Of course its coming west it will probably take 10 years though lol.

But seriously this is the rpg for the vita ive been waiting for.