Do You Believe Critics Should Award Perfect Scores For Games?

What is a "perfect score?" What do you think a 10 really means? And should critics hand them out at all? It all depends on the definitions in question.

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arbitor3651833d ago

what is the point in having a 10 scale if the 10 is never used? people act like a 10/10 score is such a sacred, untouchable thing. I think if a game is the best of its genre it deserves a 10.

xHeavYx1833d ago

I think a game doesn't have to be perfect all over to be a 10,as long as you get an amazing experience, like Journey or TLOU

Godlovesgamers1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Well then what is the point giving out the 10/10 as much as we do? In the end it devalues what the 10 represents and we all suffer for it by holding games to a lower standard.

10 should be given, but not nearly as much as they have been this generation, I blame a lot of that on people getting "high on the hype" instead of being able to play a game objectively.

Then there's the pathetically obsessed who go crazy when a game they like doesn't get a 10/10 review, but thats a different conversation.

I think if people played games because its what they like instead of its 1-10 review value then gaming would be better off entirely. Think for yourself, don't outsource your opinion to a so called "gaming journalist". Play what you like and leave it at that.

GreenRanger1833d ago

I think the game industry needs a fair, unbiased, independent review board that won't be intimidated or given an incentive to give perfect scores by game developers.

zeal0us1833d ago

Its not the developers that gives the incentive or intimidation, its usually the publisher. Regardless I get what you're saying.

Kingthrash3601833d ago

just give input and opinions....the scoring systm is broken unless they all use the same system. imo

pr0t0typeknuckles1833d ago

you know what thats actually a much better idea.

wishingW3L1833d ago

they all use the same scoring system, the problem is that there is people that think a game is a 7 and others a 9 because it's all opinions!

Kingthrash3601833d ago

no they dont...some dont even look for gameplay.
and you got the these differnt systems
the 10 pt
the 10.0 pt
the 5 point
the 5.0 pt
the 5 star
the 100 pt
the letter scoreing system (A+)
not to mention the other off systems out there.
they need to pick a system, look at gameplay and by no means compare a game to another....because at this point EVERY game has inspiration from another uncharted/tomb raider, cod/goldeneye , candy crush/ bejeweled to name a few. the list goes on and on and on.

wishingW3L1833d ago

Kryten1029a: I don't know what to make of review scores. Any AAA-title with any kind of pedigree or marketing behind it can pretty much be guaranteed a Metacritic average of 80 or better and it doesn't really address the range of quality. An 8 out of 10 might mean something in a world where a 5.0 was a decent but unremarkable game, but it doesn't count for much when so many titles bunch up at the top.

SSJBen1832d ago

Review scores has been de-railed, it has lost its actual meaning.
All it does is to tip a customer to buy a game or not these days, marketing purposes for the publishers, and bragging rights to an extent.

I agree with few of the posts above, there needs to be a review system used by everyone to keep everything legitimate, more in order.

Otherwise, as it stands right now... review scores are stupid.