Sony Plans to Sell 5 Million PS4s by the End of Fiscal 2013

We all know that the PS4 is going to sell really, really well – there’s no point recounting all the times the PS4 has sold out on Amazon, and the love for it all over the internet – but now we know just how well Sony hopes it will sell. - PSLS

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Ame_No_Shiryuu1794d ago

it's end of fiscal year, means march 2014, but still, they aimed for, that's higher possibilities will reach beyond that..!!, i'd say 4-5 Million 2013..^^!!

dragongod641794d ago

will they even have that many ready to sell with sold out being the trend.
If they add a vita too I say 7 million sold

gta28001794d ago

I'm hoping to be one of those 5 million. I didn't get a chance to preorder but anyone know what my chances are to get one day 1? If I don't get one day 1 whats the worse case scenario? I gotta wait till 2014?

gaffyh1794d ago

I think they'll sell a bit more than that. They'll probably sell 2-3 million in the first week.

Sci0n1794d ago

So glad my PS4 preorder is paid off! in the mean time back to GTA V on the PS3.

StrawHatPatriot1794d ago

It seems very plausible. The Wii U managed 3.45 million without that much advertising, and confusion with the original Wii.

So for the PlayStation 4 to get 5 million isn't too much to ask for IMO.

Anon19741794d ago

I think that's doable. The PS3 launched in Nov as well in NA and Japan and saw 3.5 million by the end of March, without the Europe market and at higher price point. Given the $400 PS4 price tag I think they'll move 5 million considering it'll be launched in Europe and NA at the start and then in Japan come Feb.

nukeitall1794d ago

Which kind of highlights the moot point of initial sales, when we are talking 5 million consoles for PS4 and previously 3.5 million for Wii U.

To me then, it seems the Wii U did exceptionally well relatively speaking, but then just completely tapered off.

All in all, it seems pretty low considered all the fangirl frenzy of 90% polls in favor of PS4 and so on.

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Majin-vegeta1794d ago

Well pre orders are well over a million shouldnt be hard to do it.

dragongod641794d ago

por xbox one, I'll use you as my door stoper.

dboyman1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

At $500, its one expensive door stop! Seriously though if one likes the Xbox One, can't stop them from getting one. Me though I preordered my PS4 since May, so prob get mine day one..

1794d ago
majiebeast1794d ago

Strange Yosp just reacted, its end of fiscal year so march 2014.

T21793d ago

hmmmm so this means they obviously have a solid plan to manufacture that many as well... impressive.

Smoovekid1794d ago

Definately possible and probably will happen.

AbortMission1794d ago

Lol at the immediate dislike. We have some PS4 haters (secretly lovers) here!

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