310° Finally Making Achievements Worth Something is giving you the chance to quit your bellyaching about Achievements not being worth anything by giving you the opportunity to find some real ones in return for all manner of gaming goodness.

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-EvoAnubis-3813d ago

...but has nothing to do with the actual Achievements on the 360 itself.

chaosatom3333813d ago

I was like wtf. I thought "oh they did one better than sony" and then read the article, and said "oh they are just trying to scam people", the usual business.

Erasmus3813d ago

not sure if I have enough achievements to get anything good

xkarxfreddy3813d ago

45000 gamerscore trade that 4 an elite!! :P

mcgrawgamer3813d ago

that's it for charity. Lame that its not real achievments. I don't know why 360 gamers are complaining. does contest all the time for achievment challenges. real prizes ranging from ms points to zunes....

FLOPbox 3603813d ago

Just wait for the PS3 achievements. Sony has made it clear they will mean something more than just a fake little number... everyone is already bored with and you are FORCED to pay for even if you don't want it.

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