Are things looking up for the Vita?

There were several announcements out of the gaming world that pertained exclusively to the Vita recently. It is enough to make those who doubt the system notice. GoozerNation wants to know when will the price drop now that the smaller and slimmer Vita has been announced, and will the potential greatness of Vita TV be enough to keep the Vita going?

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Xsilver1829d ago

when was it looking down.

ABizzel11829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

When it was just barley outselling the Wii U, PSP, and Wii worldwide.

Amazing handheld, but hard truth.

Xsilver1829d ago

lol i was confused i was talking about the vita TV damn that thumbnail messed me up.

miyamoto1829d ago

WHen I first got back to video games in 2008 by getting myself a PS3 I really envied the fabulous games the PSP had and wished I could play them on PS3 or at least on my HD TV.

I bought a PSP 3000 because of the Audio Video Output to satisfy my desire to play PSP games on the big screen.

With PS Vita TV it feels like Sony read my mind and felt my yearning for these handheld games.

Now that was really really hardcore to the max!

Sony feels the core gamer's needs and they deliver this spot on, right on the money product at HD output and at a very affordable price too.

I could not be happier.

Game On, my friend!

Game On!

ABizzel11829d ago

Game-wise it's been solid, but hardware-wise yes with the exception of this October 10th release for the Vita-2000 which is going to get destroyed by the 2DS + Pokemon releasing on October 12th, until PS Vita TV takes over in November, and 2014 around the world.

tiffac0081829d ago

Hopefully, the VS/VTV will find some success that would convince the Japanese pubs/devs to localize their games because its not really helping that they keep announcing games in Japan and we are not getting it.

tubers1829d ago

When you're platform's hitting rock bottom compared to direct competition, a minor bump isn't going to be mind blowing.

Yes, things will "look up" for it but not to the point of actually being competitive anymore; just going to do its own things with mostly ports, indies, PS4 accessory and a psuedo set-top-box/digi-box.