Is Strider HD Worth Your Time?

IGN - "We sat down with Capcom and talked about what makes this HD reboot feel so good."

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XboxFun1763d ago

Hell Yea it is! I like the fact it's a 2D.5 and not some generic 3D GoW rip off.

They should do a cross over of this Strider and the new Bionic Commando that was 2.D5.

That would be boss.

Ranma11763d ago

I hope this isnt the game campcom said they will announce at Tokyo Game Show, because it seems like an indie game/psn downloadable instead of a large budget game

Bathyj1763d ago

They should do Rygar like this.

miyamoto1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Another westernized Japanese game?
No thanks.
Another wasted opportunity.
Look at what Sega did to Shinobi for 3DS... argh!

Why does these 8 bit and 16 bit classic games gets under appreciated and shafted and destroyed by their own old publishers?