PN Review: Bike Rider DX

"Bike Rider DX was released last month, but it wasn’t until a recent sale that I decided to take the plunge and download it. Now that I have, I can’t help but think what a steal I got. Simply put, Bike Rider DX is a fantastic game!

Some titles take a while before they start to grow on me. Bike Rider DX is not one of them. It won me over instantly. The game’s beauty is in its simplicity. From design to control, this is a game that you’ll start having fun with the second you begin playing.

The World Tour mode plays like a platformer as you try to successfully navigate to the end goal, and there is an endless mode (Grand Prix) that’s a nice inclusion also. There are even some great extra stages to look forward to, with several new locations as unlockables. As you navigate your biker through the game you’ll be jumping over simple gaps (to start) avoiding fellow riders and other obstacles, grabbing collectables, and picking up power-ups. Is it basic stuff? Sure. But does it work? Absolutely! All the best platformers adopt these genre staples, and Bike Rider uses them all to its advantage.", writes PureNintendo.

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