My cells are magic?—RPG Club Plays Parasite Eve Part 2 (PixelsorDeath)

Three Pixels of Death writers continue their discussion of the PS1 game Parasite Eve in this week's entry of the RPG Club.

"It’s the RPG Club’s second week with Parasite Eve and things are moving along quickly. For this entry, we didn’t ask that our writers reaching any point in particular. With such a surprisingly short playtime, we don’t want to rush past any of those meaty details we love to dig into and ponder.

Instead, our writers took the time to think about Parasite Eve on a grander scale, including the atypical battle system, the straight-faced scientific baloney layered into the plot, and why we’ll probably never see another game quite like this one."

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ThaBx1619d ago

wow I just got this game on my vita, I'm going to play it after I read this!

prodg521619d ago

I've wanted to play the 3rd Birthday since it came out, but my PSP got stollen. I have a Vita now and I'm considering getting the game on that.