Wii Sports Club brings 5 Wii Sports games to the Wii U, and it's a ripoff

Nintendo is bringing Wii Sports to the Wii U in high definition, complete with online play and clubs, with Wii Sports Club. It brings five sports to the Wii U -- bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf. That's fine, and I actually welcome the addition of these games, but Nintendo is charging $9.99 for each game individually for permanent access.

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LOL_WUT1796d ago

I don't know how anyone could truly defend this game being $10. I mean I could see the appeal in the much wanted online portion/functions but does that alone justify these mini games being that price?

And this whole "OMGZ IT'S IN HD" I thought YOU guys didn't care about graphics? Sending some mixed messages there, aren't we? ;)

With that said the Boxing and the tennis one look really cool.. ;)

Concertoine1796d ago

makes sense to me. i'd rather buy baseball and bowling for 20 bucks since thatll be the only one i play routinely. if friends come over i can rent everything else.
its like killer instinct, on paper it seems like a ripoff, but when you only play one or two fighters/sports competitively its a deal.

--Onilink--1796d ago

$20 for just 2 games IS a rip off... as much as i enjoyed wii sports, the pricing is way off. It should be $5 each.

The $1.99 rental thing is not so bad for someone who is just interested in casual play when some people are in the house

Neonridr1796d ago

I don't recall anyone going bananas over it being in HD. Just a nice touch I guess.

Jay70sgamer1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I can justify it....its the replay value.... it's not like over the life of the game you are not gonna get your money's worth.....also if virtual games on wii u can cost 5 and 9 dollars why can't a "HD" game with online play for free cant cost 10 dollars ......

LOL_WUT1795d ago

Because they're mini games! As to why are you even comparing VC titles to this is beyond me ;)

Theyellowflash301795d ago

LOL, so its the fact its a mini game....replay value has nothing to do with the price?

Feocart1796d ago

The thing is, Wii Sports Club isn't $10.
Each individual game is $10 for "permanent access".
That means that if you want to play all 5 games (bowling, tennis, boxing, baseball, and golf) whenever you want, it will cost you $50.

This is insane.

Jay70sgamer1796d ago

Why is it insane when you are getting 5 mini games it's an option ..which works out to what works best for that person ....isn't it better to pay for what you want instead of what they force on you I always say choices are better than not....if I only like tennis this gives me the option to only buy tennis instead of the 50 dollars for all five mini games it makes alot of sense ...

RicardJulianti1795d ago

Would you rather be paying $60 for 5 games....2 or 3 of which you will never play?

truechainz1795d ago

(Man swivels around in chair only slightly visible behind shadow while stroking a cat on his lap. Laughs maniacally.)

Man (In dark evil voice): Wonderful Lol_Wut. You are doing us proud. Now tomorrow continue your work. There will be a number of negative Wii U articles as usual, so I want you list the same Wii U complaints over and over while occasionally throwing in a positive piece to make it seem like you are not just trolling. And of course end with the trademark douche symbol of our evil organizationtion, the winking smiley face. When you convince enough people to not get a Wii U, I will promote you to Online Illuminati intern.

Lol_Wut: Yes master.

(Both laugh maniacally as wii u is burning in the corner)

But seriously, I will only be getting bowling and tennis for $20 which is not bad considering online will provide me years of replay value.

Knushwood Butt1795d ago

It's great that Nintendo are spending their time bringing these new experiences to Wii U.

* facepalm *

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dreadhead1796d ago

u people dumb as hell and the author shut the hell up and dont buy it ya dnt complain bout ps3 or 360 charging and u dumb ass there system is hd so you sayin it just should of been wii graphics again ok right get wit the program now take dat nigga

AbortMission1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Let's give dreadhead a hug, poor guy Lol

Starbucks_Fan1796d ago

I'm going to guess you listen to rap music?

truechainz1795d ago

What is that supposed to mean?

hduce1795d ago

Clean up the use of the N word son. Take that s*** to xbox live.

Yep1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

You know what you do when you don't think a game is worth the price? You don't buy it.

That being said, I can't wait to resurface the casual gamer in me and play online.

kwandar1796d ago

I'll be picking this up. Loved Tennis, and the ability to play against others is great!

I think Nintendo will pick up a lot of former Wii customers with this, too.

AJBACK2FRAG1796d ago

Miiverse is gonna' make this game big. Definitely a killer app!

AbortMission1796d ago

I could spend less than half that price on Steam games or even worthwhile indies on PSN Lol. Nintendo showing their greed once again.

Jay70sgamer1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@abortmission how is this greed ....... if you like say (bowling,tennis,boxing etc )you can purchase them separately for 10 dollars is that a ripoff or during the holidays when family is over you can rent the game for 2.00$ for 24 hrs stop with your nonsense.... what really is a ripoff is to have to pay 50$(ps plus) and xbox live 60$ to play online.... I see you are not rating and raving about having to pay to play multiplayer online that's the real ripoff .....stop with your nintendo hate it is showing's getting annoying the nintendo haters .....

AbortMission1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

$50 a year for free games, great deals and discounts, and trial privileges is a RIP-OFF? Lol I stopped taking you seriously there, drone.

I can't argue the same for the 360 but it's pretty obvious you don't own either console *cough* casual Lol

Jay70sgamer1796d ago

I own all three systems and the wii u and I've been gaming since the 70s read the name .....just to let you now I know you don't know what you are talking about so the free trial period with ps plus for 14 days isn't a ripoff to get people to get the ps plus after the 14 day which is 50 dollars a year selective amnesiac huh smh I see and I'm a true gamer I don't go online bashing other game systems ..true gamers like games no matter what system its on smh when will these so called "hardcore gamers"learn smh...also how is 50 dollars better than free explain that genius ? Let me break it down wii u online =free.....ps4 50 dollars a year 60 $ smh

Gemmol1789d ago

@abortmission paying to pay online is a ripoff I can understand if ps plus is for those features you name and not for playing online then I would say its a good deal, but we have to pay 50 dollars a year to play online even if we do not want those other stuff

1796d ago
Klad1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

How is this greed? Online is FREE!!! no subscription!! you pay $10 for a sport that you prefer or like & you can play online forever FREE!!! Xbox Live isn't free!! but i guess Microsoft arent greedy

AJBACK2FRAG1795d ago

Lol! It's actually Nintendo showing savy and understanding what their customers want and selling it to them at what I consider a fair price. Online tennis!!! I'll be there!

N4g_null1794d ago

Lowest price consider.... $2 to rent this game for 24 hrs.... then never play it again.... or pay $60 and then search for deals and hope for free games you like while trying to play online games to justify your purchase or just get what you want for $2.

Now if you want Nintendo to make a service like steam and offer free indy games then just say that.... I just dont like the games sony is offering, so the price isnt right for me.

yet this is going to be pretty big and the choices are great with online play.

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