SonyRumors - Gaming With Heather: The Last of Us and Being Critical

SonyRumors - In this week's editorial, Heather talks about playing 'The Last of Us' and shares her feelings on the game. Is it as good as they say or are we too much into the hype?

"Having since found the time to complete this game I wish I had played it the week it came out. Seeing how it is September, I’ve heard things like it being the best game of this generation and that the game disc literally shits gold. Needless to say, it didn’t live up to the expectations I had built over the last few months. What could though? Now before you close your browser and send me hate mail, let me say that The Last of Us is an amazing game! I can easily say it is one of the best games we’ve had offered up to us in a market that is saturated with rehashed garbage like Call of Duty. Being the critical #$%& that I am, I just couldn’t help but have a few complaints."

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