The V Best Songs In GTA Radio History

Aping the inanities and cliches of radio DJs was one of the series' earliest innovations, before music licensing. Since then, more than any other game, the GTA series (from Vice City onwards) has used licensed music on its selectable radio stations to create an evocative real-world scenario. Here is the best 5 songs!

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Donnieboi1675d ago

I loved "eminence front" on San Andreas

badboy7761674d ago

Why not add a Record store where we can buy CD's. Or be creative and let us download music from the virtual PC's.

ZBlacktt1675d ago

Awh, KISS my very first concert and favorite band. Wanted to see some Love Fist on the list. :cool:

downrtfierce1675d ago

the whole vice city soundtrack

raresteak1675d ago

Shame GTAs' radio stations reflect real world's radio meaning future GTAs will need to rely on and hope that the time's mainstream and popular music and artists are good.

I don't see R* forcing the classics or obscure artists into a GTA set in 2020 even if they don't like most of the music selection then.

Hellsvacancy1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Vice City, The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary

All of the Vice City soundtrack was awesome

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