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IGN's No. 1 Wii U Game

IGN explains why Pikmin 3 is their #1 Wii U game (Pikmin 3, Wii U)

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_QQ_  +   656d ago
should have waited for the end of the year to make the list.
ritsuka666  +   656d ago
I agree. personally i think Donkey kong country: tropical freeze will be the best game for Wii U in 2013.
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_QQ_  +   656d ago
3D mario would probably win if it was up to ign. who knows.
Starbucks_Fan  +   656d ago
I'm surprised it's not WWHD.

But this is a pretty good game.
Concertoine  +   656d ago
well thats a remake.
personally i wouldve chosen the wonderful 101, but to each his own
Neonridr  +   656d ago
Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Mario World, Donkey Kong or Sonic Lost World would be my guess as "eligible" titles for this award if we waited until the end of the year.
TheEvilWithin  +   656d ago
Picking up Wonderful 101 tomorrow. Can't wait! Then Zelda in just two weeks. Sonic Lost World about two weeks after that. I'm sorry but Nintendo has the most AMAZING game line up this end of the year.
BOWZER35  +   656d ago
I think Pikmin 3 and rayman are the best, about to get w101 though.

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