See How 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Has Invaded New York City

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "There is a painting of "Grand Theft Auto IV" protagonist Niko Bellic spotted in a doorway in Brooklyn.

How'd it get there?

A popular song about New York begins, "Start spreading the news…"

And that's just what Rockstar has done, across New York City.

With Rockstar's headquarters located in New York and the new game set in a city almost identical to the Big Apple, I spotted a few pieces of guerilla marketing for 'GTA IV.'"

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Trick Nolte3898d ago

Notice on the 3rd picture where the GTAIV Ad is painted on a building. If you enlarge it; notice that its PS logo is 1st and 360 is secondary. Message!!!

Whoooop3898d ago

It's not painted, it's a mesh, but yeah I noticed...

Ortiz833898d ago

yo; nice catch .
And that girl has a phat a**...

Databot3898d ago

360 version = DLC

Can't wait to play it!

PR0F3TA3898d ago

you can't wait to play it till the end of this year? well if thats true.. i can't wait for Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet!!

thehitman3898d ago

buddy u going to be waiting a long time while we playing resistance and killzone you'll be buying this extra dlc to make urself feel good.

PR0F3TA3898d ago

i saw these up a while ago... i live in Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy FTW!!

thehitman3898d ago

I wonder if they have the same apartment buildings in GTA thats the first thing ima look for when I get it.

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