Uncharted 4 Will Be Revealed At The 2013 Spike VGA’s — Just A Hunch

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

As the anticipation and rumblings of the existence and development of Uncharted 4 get bigger and bigger — I myself can’t wait to see how the new Uncharted runs on the PS4 with all that alleged power and more importantly Naughty Dog’s brain behind it I have a hunch on when we’ll actually see this game for the first time.

Although not confirmed these 3 clues might give us some insight.

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ZBlacktt1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Here's your 4th reason. To help speed up the production of UnCharted 4.

10:32 AM - 16 Sep 13

Scholla1761d ago

oooooh nice! That could be another telling reason.

Regis1761d ago

I hope it does exist, i'm pretty sure it does.

0pie1761d ago

hummm why i should take this unknown guy/website seriously?

Scholla1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@0 You should, you actually should you'll hear of Us soon enough though -- the leader of the new generation of video game websites...wait too late you already have ;)

Why be so negative ;)

0pie1761d ago

because the article is pointless and nothing has been announced officially yet.
Its just a clickbait article

Scholla1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@Regis yeah it's pretty much inevitable it's only a question of when it will get announced.

Scholla1761d ago

This might be the game to truly set off the next generation,

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