The Six Worst Ways of Dying in Halo 3

We countdown the six ways that you do not want to die in Halo 3.

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Genuine3806d ago

Being a warthog driver and getting beat to death by the slippery devil on the other team that just hopped into the passenger seat beside you is rather embarassing.

permutated3806d ago

Being melee'd from behind and then having your attacker stick you after you're dead.

iheartSONY3806d ago

How about being killed by a melee attack when you are holding a shotgun!? Damn this happen to me twice about 1 hour ago! Thats embarrassing. Or jumping away from an enemy only to fall off the edge and die.

3806d ago
dragunrising3806d ago

When people are unsportsmanlike and rub it in your face. Nothing is more disgraceful than a tea bag. Pre-teens swearing and talking about their privates and "your mom" is also up there. I hate those kids.

spandexxking3806d ago

thats what make halo so fun though!

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The story is too old to be commented.