Nintendo might not know what they're doing selling HD versions of each "Wii Sports" activity

Hardcore Gamer: I'm not entirely sure if Nintendo realizes who, for the most part, was buying the Wii for Wii Sports. Elderly people. Elderly people liked the simple interface, and the simple sports games. With Wii Sports: Club, not only will each activity cost money, but to download it you'll have to navigate through Nintendo's eShop, a feat that may prove frustrating for older people.

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TripC501765d ago

Online Wii Sorts Tennis. Old people wont get it, but I will.

Feocart1764d ago

The problem is, the casual gamers that this game is targeted towards won't get it. Parents/elderly don't buy games from the e-shop/XBL/PSN, and they'll most likely mistake this for the original Wii Sports.

And $50 to own all 5 minigames? That's an absurd price point. The $2 day demo is alright but it's just that; a demo. I'm very curious to see how this plays out.

Chrischi19881764d ago

Not true,

cant remember a single game, which I played as much with friends as Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort and we play a lot, but for some time, the game really gives you a lot of fun and I am not that old, still 24 :)

And we als used to play Halo and other stuff.

I know, Wii Sports doesnt look like much, but it is actually one of the best games :)

Klad1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

You may be right about the old people not knowing how to download, but that is why Nintendo may sell the game pre-installed as a bundle with lots of advertising! They can just buy the bundle, as i'm sure alot of people will!

The price isn't that bad, as your getting extra's, HD, Motion Plus, Teams, MiiVerse integration & ONLINE!!! I get the feeling people will be playing online tennis & bowling for hours on end!!

yellowgerbil1765d ago

I'm sure this will be an instant hit in Poland. 350 copies sold easily

MartinGlow1764d ago

Poland has never been a Nintendo country. Always has been a Playstation country. You won't see any advertisements for Nintendo there.

_QQ_1765d ago

Nothing wrong with offering somthing for everyone.

RiPPn1765d ago an excessive price point.

Stroke6661764d ago

what is excessive about a game that includes 5 mini games for 50 bucks and get this, you don't have to spend 50 bucks, you only like tennis and bowling 20 bucks, only tennis 10 bucks you get the jest of it. hd, added features like online play, miiverse etc...not bad

Chrischi19881764d ago

the thing is, Wii Sports Resort did cost money, too. It didnt come with any kind of bundle and I believe it did really well anyway. So, I dont see the info correct. Might be true its more for older people, but that doesnt make it uncool or a waste of money. Bowling and Tennis are some of the funniest games, really.

kwandar1764d ago

I'm old enough to say this.

I PREFER the e-shop (except for the stupid pricing). I hate the clutter of disks hanging around.

How long has cable tv been around? Does anyone seriously think downloading from the eshop is somehow harder than figuring out how to use the cable remote to download programming?

Some pissant suggesting that older people can't do it and you're buying that discriminatory crap? I'm sure a lot of you probably think "girls can't play games" either?!

Really - the whole article disgusts me.

JuleyJules1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It's very true that e-shop makes sense so you buy the games you play - in my case bowling, tennis and golf - that can be enjoyed by lots of people. I'll have games to play with my young nieces and nephews again. Maybe Nintendo will release Wii U's in 2014 or beyond that come with download codes for some or all of these sports to get casual buyers again. In any case, I'm happy I won't have to hide the Wii U from small kids after November!

Plus the way I'm looking at it is that for $50 (the price of a lot of Wii U games) I can have the 3 sports I like and Wii Fit U once I download the trial version & sync a fit meter in November - all of which get the more casual players I know up and moving! Sounds good to me!!

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