Apparently NBC Destroyed G4 For No Reason After All

Cinelinx | "

NBC announced a few months ago that they were going to destroy G4 and turn it into a worthless fancy Spike TV inspired channel called Esquire Network. We were not too thrilled about it, and nobody was too excited for this new "mens fashion" channel at all. Turns out, G4 was spared to an extent.

The good news? G4 will remain G4. Instead the even less popular "Style" channel will be the one switching to Esquire. G4 was supposed to be destroyed back on April 22nd, but it was delayed a week prior and now permantly staying as G4. At least for now."

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KonsoruMasuta1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

No use now. Adam... XPlay.... Attack of the Show..... It's all gone.

They might as well rebrand it now. It won't be the same.

Man, forget G4. I miss TechTV.

MWong1793d ago

Once XPlay and AotS went off I stopped watching the channel. I mean all they started doing was playing cancelled NBC shows. 4 hour blocks of Heroes, LOST ... etc.

TOGC1793d ago

Seriously? Man NBC, you can go to hell.

GiggMan1793d ago

You must love Ninja Warrior and Cops...

yellowgerbil1793d ago

Who cares. G4 hasn't been relevant for years.
xplay and code monkeys and AoTS where the only 3 things they ever created worth while.

AWBrawler1793d ago

G4 hasn't been right since filter died off.

ForgivenZombie1793d ago

G4 was better when it first started, it was actually about gaming

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