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The brilliant precedent set by Rayman Origins in 2011 has been surpassed by the latest entry in the limbless hero’s 18 year legacy. Ladies and gentlemen, Rayman Legends has arrived and it reminds us all why we adore 2D platformers. Clever gameplay, speed, challenge and demand for swift reaction are everything you look for in a platformer and it’s woven into every crevice of Legends. Ubisoft Montpellier makes it blatantly evident that much time and care was put into every level of Rayman Legends; throughout the entire 8-10 hour venture, there was never a dull moment

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fatale1830d ago

Been a Rayman fan since the original, and will definitely be trying this out. Happy to hear it's looking good.

tboyshinobi1830d ago

I think this is one of the most consistent platforming franchises outside of Mario. Cant wait to get my hands on it