Nintendo Gives Consumers a Chance to Get Fit for Free With Wii Fit U

Wii Sports Club Delivers a New Wii Sports Experience on Wii U

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X1PS4WiiU959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

Theres people who arent comfortable going to a gym. You also save money on gas and gym fees. You can track yourself more precisely and you get to play video games to work out. I can see the appeal.

Thirty3Three959d ago


Seems like you're trying to find reasons NOT to go to the gym. In fact, you track yourself FAR more precisely when you actually work out, for real.

Gamingsince75959d ago SpamShow
Smashbro29959d ago

Why would they change the woman in the game after showing her in her old look for Smash Bros?

Yep959d ago

Maybe they needed a new trainer because the old one went off to war.

Smashbro29959d ago

That's funny and all but seriously they had an iconic face for the series, why ruin it?

AWBrawler958d ago

They just changed her hair and clothes is all. And a little more detail

MightyNo9959d ago

Wow we get to pay for a freebie. Awesome.