The Final Bosman: Too Cool for TitanFall

Kyle shrugs his shoulders at one of the future's best games.

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Mikelarry1646d ago

there a lot of hype for this game and while it looks interesting i will wait to play a demo and see if to believe the hype

Big_B0SS1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Played the demo and I would say that it all depends on what you currently play now...I can see Halo and COD players really liking this game and becoming permanent daily online memebers but if you are more of a Killzone and Battlefield fan then you might get turned off by how fast the gameplay is and the fact that you have a jet packs which means that you have 20 ft verticle jump.

I really liked it since its super smooth and fast paced and team work is heavly involved from fighitng along side a Titan as a soldier to actually provding support as a man being a lone wolf can seriusly impact the battle ground.

Mikelarry1646d ago

i see, i am more cod than bf as i liked the fast paced action. i did try battlefield but as its more enjoyable when you are playing with friends and you all play your path.
thanks for the info plus bubbles

MightyNo91646d ago

Getting this on PS4! *Hides*

Mikelarry1646d ago

*paints a sign PS4 fanboy this way* there he is guys get him

KingDadXVI1646d ago

This guy is a real tool. I can't say I am sad it is his last episode. He looks like Peter Parker on crack.

This game will be a great change from COD.

calvincrack1646d ago

You're a tool. And its not his last episode, the show is called Final Bosman.

FlyGuyHung1646d ago

Kyle seems to be running out of ideas.

DevilishSix1646d ago

Honestly the game seems like it could be a blast to play initially, but longivity could be an issue for me. Since its multiplayer only, how many maps will there be? Also, will we have the option to skip the premission cutscenes after we are tired of seeing them after the tenth match?

All valid questions.

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