EA's Wilson on games as services: "Don't force anything"

Before he was appointed CEO, Andrew Wilson already played an instrumental part in evolving EA's games as services strategy.

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-Foxtrot1761d ago

Yeah, like don't force DRM....oh wait you guys already tried to do that in Sim City


zeal0us1761d ago

That was under John Riccitiello, before this guy became CEO

miyamoto1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

He should tell this to M$
Damn these politicians...the reason I enjoyed video games when I was younger was the fact that its a place for pure solace and uncorrupted nerdy entertainment for the chosen few....when that M$ stepped in video games all hell broke much American dirty politics, smoke and mirrors, lies, corruption, deceit, thrash talk, glorification of sales figures instead of appreciation of pure game artistic expression, gameplay, creativity and originality. M$ made vg industry as dirty as Hollywood and US government.

Creative minds like Miyamoto, Kojima, Ueda, Jaffe are now over shadowed by smoke and mirrors clowns like Mattrick, Molyneux, Greenberg, Tsunoda and put Iwata and Reggie in there too.

M$ money also corrupted Japanese giants like Crapcom and Squeenix to betray their very selves- trying hard to be western and loose their identity.