AMD expects 'performance advantage' on PC due to console partnerships

AMD has managed to become the chips supplier for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Because of this unique position, AMD VP Matt Skynner believes his company will have the edge when it comes to PC gaming. "Because it's our architecture there, it's easier to port the games. And because they're first developed on our hardware, there should be a performance advantage," he said. "They should run better on our hardware."

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MorePowerOfGreen1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Don't care as long as they use things like DirectX 11.2

The calm before the storm and the wind is starting to pick up. 25th

Mario181615d ago

Liar on the 25th is "Wind: NNE at 8 mph" in my area

ABeastNamedTariq1615d ago

You joined nine hours ago and are already down to one bubble, lmao.

Anyway, that dGPU rumor was debunked. Is there another that I'm missing?

SniperControl1615d ago

The only wind is coming out of his butt to be honest, he has been trolling hard the "big PSU means big GPU" rumor since he joined(again), AMD will announce a monolithic GPU on the 25th for the X1 apparently.

lifeisgamesok1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

What customizations did you guys do with the Xbox One? ;) I really can wait to find out

SmokexFFx1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

2 dragon scales, a pair of purple spotted toad feet, 1 eye of newt and 1 half unicorn horn (the pointy end). Let that boil for 66 hours and 6 minutes and presto, the magical XB1 chips.

gamernova1615d ago

Oh sure! Nvidia sucks and AMD is number one until AMD talks about the obvious; the PC lead. And console gamers bragged and bragged about optimization. All I'm saying is that PC has absolute advantage on multi plats. As it should be. Exclusives are a different for obvious reasons.

Sy_Wolf1615d ago

So they're banking on developers not optimizing for other hardware. Hope it works out for them since their hardware is underpowered when compared to Intel. At least their GPUs don't suck.

ABizzel11615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

This is exactly what I said in pass post, and "some people" begged to differ.

As I said back then, AMD will receive a performance boost and their current hardware will be right on par with NVIDIA's. Their GPU's will get a small boost (probably 10% - 20% performance increase) in performance simply, because games will be optimized for them since the PS4 and XB1 are using AMD GPU's. However, the biggest performance boost will come to their CPU's since more engines will upgrade to accommodate AMD's 8 core CPU's (probably 30% - 40% performance increase).

This could be the edge they need over NVIDIA to get more market share back from them. As for their CPU's they may finally be able to compete with Intel performance wise (and giving them a significantly better price: performance ratio with a 30% - 40% boost), although Intel would still be the more powerful and power saving option among the two.

CPU's may look like this now.

Intel: Max Power per core, Low power consumption, $$$ high price.
AMD: Powerful enough, high power consumption, $ low price.

combatcash1615d ago

There's not much of a price difference if you're upgrading your mobo as well. Decent mobo's for and fx 8350 are more expensive than something for an i5 3570

duplissi1615d ago

lulwut? Where? let me give you an example of the same line of boards for both chipsets. Asus makes sabertooth models for both intel and amd.

the z77 sabertooth is 230 dollars, and the 990fx sabertooth is 190 dollars.

ABizzel11615d ago


FX 8350's can be found for $150 - $180, and they already have better performance than i7 3770K's when your using all cores, their much better at overclocking, and they cost an average of $100 less.

The problem is most applications and games focus on Quad Core processing (4 cores) which doesn't take advantage of AMD's extra 4 cores (however, Intel's hyper-threading is being taken advantage of), and single core performance (which Intel wins) because Intel CPU's make up the vast majority of the PC CPU market.

So once since game engines are going to be modified to take full advantage of AMD's 8 core CPU structure (8 cores instead of 4) for PS4 and XB1, games should receive a 30% - 40% boost on the CPU side of things on their higher-end CPU's.

To get to you point, games run better on Quad core GPU's, with high single-core performance, because the game engine is designed to push power through single cores rather than spread the load around multiple cores. Which is exactly what Intel CPU's do, so games automatically take advantage of Intel's CPU moreso than AMD's.

Now when engine are also capable of spreading the load around 6 or 8 cores then games will finally be able to take advantage of AMD's CPU architecture, and the performance boost will put AMD on a more level playing field.

The i5 3570 cost around $40 more and is better than the FX 8350, because games use Quad Core, strong single-core CPU's. But as I said early in applications that take advantage of AMD's 8-core architecture (VERY FEW) the FX 8350 actually proves to be faster than the i7 3770k which is $100 more than the FX 8350.

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