Wind Waker HD is the Rocketeer of Zelda games, and holds up just fine after ten years | Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade: "Wind Waker HD is the game I play when I need to escape from Grand Theft Auto V. Both games are enjoyable, but I don’t necessarily want to disappear into the crime underworld. Wind Waker takes place in a world that is comforting, simple, and somehow lyrical. This is a classic game, so it’s not worth re-reviewing the experience in its entirety, but there are many good reasons that it’s so well-regarded, and those haven’t dulled with age.

If anything, the game’s design is even more refreshing now than it was at launch."

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mochachino1675d ago

If Wii U wasn't a mere $100 cheaper than true next gen consoles (which strangely will have more AAA games at launch than Wii U amassed in its year on the market), I'd probably buy one. But at $300, never.

Chrischi19881674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Considering you get a game with it, it is cheaper than a mere 100$.

AAA games^^ You mean Ego Shooters and some Third Person Shooters. How can people not get tired of the same thing all the time. Aiming, shooting. People act like Nintendo is doint the same thing repeadetly, but actually, they offer real console games, games which are meant for a console, unlike all of the FPS, which are basically all the same, aiming, shooting and watching a cinematic. And that in about 75% of all games. Look, Wii U gets Deus Ex Directors Cut, at least a shooter, which aint only about aiming and shooting.

Like there is no other gameplay possible than shooting something. "I am older now, I want games for older people" That might be right, but older means FPS, right? Only FPS and then there a racer game... I mean, who cares for Need For Speed anymore? NFS is crap since they released THE RUN and Project Cars is suppposed to come to the Wii U and is actually superior to all games like it. So I dont see it, people call Nintendo Fans drones, but the actual drone is the one who is blindly hating, never trying it before, but hating it to death, feeling some kind of loyalty to a brand instead of using logic. Wanna hear some logic? FPS make fun, but not on a console, on a PC for that Matter.

I really cannot understand, how people can defend a console because it is getting al the FPS, even though FPS on console simply put SUCKS.

MNGamer-N1674d ago

I agree, I get tired of shooters all the time, I need more to feed my brain... like puzzles, Real time strategy and adventure. I get enough shooting when I play through call of duty, then I want to play something else.

stragomccloud1674d ago

The you good sir, have truly lost perspective.

falcon971674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Wiiu is true nextgen why do you think ps4 is $350 without sony taking a loss ?? it's because ps4 tech isnt that great ??

Wiiu at $300 is taking a $50 + loss work it out kid....and wiiu hasnt got a bluray and big HDD added on yet Nintendo are still taking a loss should tell you that wiiu is nextgen all 3 are dx11 here's proof...

If ps4 was more powerful then wiiu it would cost way more kid,if wiiu had bluray and big HDD it would cost $400+,same as if ps4 had edram on everything like wiiu and DDR3 it would be at least $400 ?? it all evens out HDD and bluray are not power related yet drive cost up,the only thing on wiiu that drives cost up is GAMEPAD but that is only the difference between a ps4 controller and GAMEPAD which I'm guessing a ps4 controller is like $60 and a GAMEPAD is like $90 so in the end the tech in both machines is roughly the same wiiu maybe a little more because edram on gpu,cpu,cache is extreme expensive...

Remember Microsoft said if you go with edram you require a smaller system RAM for it to be powerful just like wiiu...and you get insane bandwidth RAM...

1674d ago
Chrischi19881674d ago

And all should remember, how freakin bad those 8 jaguar cores are. Remember the octacore fx-8150 from amd with 3,6ghz? It was way way worse than the quadcore i5-2600k even though it had higher clockrates and double the cores. AMDs cores are bad as hell. IBMs PowerPC cores get used in NASA-tech. IBMs cores are on par with Intels cores, just IBM doesnt normally produce CPU for homemarket, other than some coffeemaschine-chips and so on. Also Apple did nearly a decade ago, outclass a Intel Pentium 4 with 1,7 ghz with its I believe it was a G4 with only mere 800mhz. So basically you have to look at the cores and what they can actually do and Jaguar Cores are really really bad. Look at that video for example:

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jubilijordan1674d ago

Just wait until Devs (mainly Nintendo) really get a grasp on the Wii U hardware. Not saying it will match or exceed PS4 or anything but i believe the games on Wii U will look good enough that you wont see that huge of a difference between Wii U and PS4. Do you see that Huge of a difference between ps4 and ps3?

falcon971673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Please stop saying I'm not sure it will match ps4 ?? wiiu has matched ps4 and exceeded it in my eyes with its 2014 lineup what game on ps4 is so good graphically that makes wiiu look weak please name me 1 game,if anything WiiU has shown full HD 60fps games like 5 or 6 examples all with proper nextgen graphics,killzone 720p 30fps,Battlefield4 720p 60fps this is not exceeding wiiu graphics i'm very sorry to burst your bubble....wiiu specs are custom and not designed for mobile..... cough cough ps4...