Xbox One Is The Only Game Console Listed In Toys “R” Us 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List

Xbox One Is The Only Game Console Listed In Toys “R” Us 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List

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mewhy321675d ago

And this is important why?

Axonometri1675d ago

Because it is not the only, let alone the hottest console this holiday season. It is significant that no other games platform is on the list. Just Xbox. Money has nothing to do with this?

FlameHawk1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Money definitely had something to do with this. We all know the PS4 is doing better and more people want it than the Xbox ( going by the get to know when the PS4/Xbox One is available on Gamestop and the US Amazon website for most wished for in the video game category, PS4 wins in both).

EDIT: Some people are saying we are insecure for saying that Microsoft paid them, are you saying things like this don't happen? Because they sure as hell do. Just like journalists get paid for giving a game a bad review coughPOLYGONcough.

JokesOnYou1675d ago

Good for micro, its a positive sign but no big deal its just 1 retail chain and doesn't really indicate anything in regards to preorder numbers.

ABizzel11675d ago

Guess that check cleared.


Toys R Us is the biggest kids toy retail chain in the US. The Wii U and PS4 are also for sale, why have the XB1 only in their biggest holiday ad?

xRedline1675d ago


I rather do think a lot of Sony fanboys are insecure. Why else would they be in every Xbox article compared to the very few rabid Xbox fanboys who pop in on a small percentage of Sony articles?

The difference is as clear as night and day.

Also, no one is saying money isn't exchanged, but it seems anything positive that is reported about the Xbox One gets surrounded by Sony fans declaring people were bought or there's some kind of conspiracy.

It's actually fun to read. Keep it up, champ.

FlameHawk1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

@redline, no this site has more PS fanboys than Xbox, that is why it seems like more, and the same thing goes for Xbox fanboys, they do the same in PS articles. And are you kidding me? It so obvious that they were paid. This list is for how popular or hot something is. We all know that the PS4 is wanted by many people than the Xbox and there is absolutely NO reason for it not to be here, I am giving facts and being insecure. And lets say for some reason it isn't as popular as the Xbox, it should atleast be in the same "hotness" level as the Xbox, funny how people are so blind to the truth.

xRedline1675d ago


All I got from that comment was "The PS4 should be in there and since it isn't, Microsoft had to have paid them :(".

The world doesn't revolve around the PS4, Sony, and Mark Cerny, I'm sorry to say. :)

kneon1675d ago


It's just as likely that this is a bad sign. Toys R Us may feel that they need to push the XB1 in order to not get stuck with unsold stock. There is no need to push products that are going to sell out regardless.

MysticStrummer1675d ago

@Jokes - How is an obvious business deal a "positive sign"?

xRedline1675d ago


Let me get this straight. It's now a bad sign to be in the Holiday Hot Toy list?

Be right back, I'm going to go check to see if the sky now appears to be below me instead of above me.

MRMagoo1231675d ago

Odd is this a USA only deal cos just down the street in my main shopping center in Australia they have PS4 advertised all over the place at the toys r us.

rainslacker1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Can't speak for the others Flame, but of course exposure like this is paid for. That list is huge in the holiday season, and Toy's R' Us knows it can make an extra buck by selling their ad space. In fact, 90% of the ads you see from best buy, GameStop, Target, etc for electronics is paid for by the manufacturer subsidizing the cost of the ad through rebates on those products. Hell, half the stuff advertised for grocery stores is subsidized by the manufacturers. It's all a money game.

If this stuff was based on actual demand, no one on here can reasonably deny that the PS4 warrants a place on there if the X1 does.

Maybe Sony didn't feel the need to spend that much money on it, or Toy's R' Us knows that there will be short supply, so why not sell what they KNOW they will have available. They surely know by now what their allotment of each will be.

UltimateMaster1675d ago

Not surprising.
Xbox One's audience is mainly based off 10 to 15 years old.
Or at least that what it seems like when you're on CoD on Xbox Live.
The Parents will buy stuff for their kids there first, the rest of the world will go to Walmart or Amazon and the Gamer will go to Gamestop or another gaming store.

UltimateMaster1675d ago

Just to make a funny joke:
It's on the hot list because it's bound to overheat!
lol, jk.

RyuCloudStrife1675d ago

I don't know how people support M$...

NukaCola1675d ago

For no other console to make the list shady as ever.


That was your least ass kissing MS worshipping comment of the week. Bravo

Sono4211675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

umm... wtf.... when did N4G pull a Microsoft? (180) ;D

Just last week all I saw were PS4 fans up the a**!

Now I see the whole xbox defense force in full steam and I gotta say I didn't miss them... they're still just as ignorant and mislead than ever..

Please go back into hiding? ;)


Just picking apart bits and pieces of arguments ive seen on here..

This really can't be spun into a positive thing.. it's obviously payed off and they aren't really hiding it, we all know the PS4 is doing much better in Pre-orders than the XBone so how is it not on the list?.. clearly Microsoft's doing.. but back to about this being "positive" I mean if you think paying off retailers to try to attempt to get an upper hand is a good thing than sure.. that's positive.. but in my eyes that's just being a sleazy company.... then again this is Microsoft were talking about so i'm not surprised... :p

ArronC071675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


Companies pay to get in those lists, just as record companies and movie studios pay to get in the 'chart' position in supermarkets.

SOURCE: Family work in retail.

NewMonday1675d ago

"Xbox One Is The Only Game Console Listed In Toys “R” Us 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List"

err..umm..but that not true, PS4 is also in the list

just another case of false MS PR

AndrewLB1675d ago

All of you who are claiming that this is some sort of conspiracy where Microsoft "paid off" Toys R Us and many other similar accusations what is commonly referred to as "a special kind of stupid".


Because it is against the law to engage in such blatantly anti-competitive behavior and if there were even a shred of evidence showing Microsoft, or Sony for that matter, are engaging in these tactics, the legal ramifications are MASSIVE.

A few years ago, AMD took legal action against Intel with claims they made anti-competitive deals with Dell which prevented AMD from competing. AMD won and was awarded $1.2 Billion if i recall correctly.

And I'm not denying M$ has spent a ton of money in this fight. In fact, what they've done is completely legal. The almost billion dollars spent has been on marketing, game development incentives, and other forms of advertising which ALL have the purpose of helping Microsoft market and sell their new console. None of these actions are anti-competitive or illegal in the slightest, and more importantly are all being used by Sony as well. And again, anyone who says Sony is not doing the exact same has completely lost their mind.

ShinMaster1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Because the PS4 has been sold out there for a while and the Xbox hasn't.

I looked at the Toys R Us website and the only other system left to sell is the Xbox One. That's probably why it's advertised. Or maybe it's because Microsoft just called Toys R Us a "partner".

nukeitall1675d ago

It is ironic that when the PS4 does well, it is jubilant truth! When the Xbox One does well, it is the work of the devil and it's money. It can't be true!

Fact is, Xbox One demographic is going to be far wider, and Toys R'us is the typical store for that demographic.

Kinect? Kids love them! So do adults! It's just the hardcore fanatic gamers that are against it, because they see it as a threat.

Good news, Kinect isn't a threat, but a nice addition!

AzureskyZ1675d ago

Hottest console you say, i think it might have to do with the facts that there is no ps4 to sell cause its all sold out, where as xbox still have stock to sale--- why advertise on a product thats already sold out. Xbox trailing way behind the ps4 constitute as "the hottest console"-- maybe im getting old and dont know these technical slang terms anymore.

DragonKnight1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It's a sign that the Xbox One is considered a toy and not a home console.

Who cares? How many people do you know that buy these things from Toys 'R Us? This won't have any impact whatsoever and is neither positive nor negative.

@nukeitall: "Fact is, Xbox One demographic is going to be far wider, and Toys R'us is the typical store for that demographic. Kinect? Kids love them! So do adults! It's just the hardcore fanatic gamers that are against it, because they see it as a threat."

LMFAO! Are you going to be opening with that bit at your local comedy club? I think you should because that joke is hilarious.

Gamer19821675d ago

Whats the point of advertising PS4 on the hot list when its not available anymore thanks to immense pre-orders. They are just listing whats in stock and they are not sold out of initial xbox stock by pre-order yet. Thats what it means.

Clarence1675d ago

What! Money had everything to do with it. The PS4 is way more popular. M$ is doing everything in their power to overcome their bad press.

user55757081675d ago

no surprise here. every time the call of duty commercial comes on xbox is the only console shown as well

Death1674d ago

Either Microsoft used some of their advertising dollars which is what companies typically do or Toys R Us is sold out of PS4's and wants to use their advertising dollars to advertise something they can actually sell since it is still available. My guess is it is a combination of both.

Dee_Cazo1674d ago

Not saying money wasn't involved as it could just be a glorified ad placement. Similar to companies advertising during the super bowl.

But it could also be an American company helping an American company. The same way Sony and Nintendo have consumers that won't touch american products in Asia, it could be the same sort of thing here.

I didn't see more than 5 iPhones in SE Asia and I went to several countries. They were all using Galaxys.

Hitman07691674d ago

"Money was definitely involved".

LOL Okay Detectives, settle down. I know , I'll let you make your point, but first....

Kryptix1674d ago

Not only is the title misleading, but the story was butchered to make it look like the Xbox One is the only console on the list.

"Microsoft’s upcoming entertainment console Xbox One has become the exclusive video game console on the toys “r” us 2013 holiday hot toy list..." -From article

"The two new videogame platform introductions for fall made the prestigious list, with Xbox One on the Fabulous 15 and PlayStation4 on the expanded list of 36 products named to this year’s Toys'R'Us Hot Toy List." -The real story

To be honest, I don't think Microsoft payed them though it is possible like how they payed Polygon to give PS3 and Vita exclusives unfair scores. It has more to do with the lack of knowledge that the 360 was a success in the US that they think that the Xbox One will bring equal sales thoughout the year and after.

clearelite1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Some people might think that money had a lot to do with why it was the only console on that list though :]

Gigaguy7771674d ago

You are absolutely right, because it's impossible for anyone to have an opinion different from yours without being paid!! I have never known you before but I know that we agree on every opinion you could ever have ever unless money is involved!!!

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GribbleGrunger1675d ago

It's the only game advertised in my local ASDA too.

GribbleGrunger1675d ago

I meant to say 'console' of course

Consoldtobots1675d ago

lol @ ms fanboys acting like this is something to cheer about. This is just a sign that MS is getting really desperate and trying to create any sort of safe haven for their console to sell in.

ShinMaster1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I looked at the Toys R Us website and the PS4 has been sold out there for a while. So the only other system left to sell is the Xbox One.
That's probably why it's advertised. Or maybe it's because Microsoft just called Toys R Us a "partner".

Zodiac1675d ago

It is important because the Xbox One is releasing this year, and this shows some demand for it when people say there isn't.

Why is this not important? We get an article every time Mark Cerny farts, so i don't see what is so bad with this.

kalkano1675d ago

Actually, to me, it says that Microsoft has offered them money to not advertise PS4.

True_Samurai1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

^^^@kalkano Why do you guys always resort to MS is paying them? Does it makes you that insecure? Geez

ShwankyShpanky1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Oh yes, I'm ever so insecure.

"Oh noez! 12-year-olds might beg mommy for an Xbone!" (at which point she'll compare the price tag with a PS4, and walk out of the store having saved $100)

Hell... maybe it's a good thing... keep those pre-pubes where they belong... on XBL. [yuk!]

"Exciting news today from our partners at Toys “R” Us..."

Of course there was money involved. When they talk "partners" they're not talking sex and civil unions. Say what you will about the consoles themselves, but to say the Xbone is "hotter" than the PS4 is just delusional. The internet clearly proves otherwise. (sorry... I forgot... the internet is a fanboy )

ABizzel11675d ago

@True Ninja

Because M$ has been caught numerous times using these kind of tactics to sell their products.

M$ paid $50 million to get GTA4 timed exclusive content to try to help sell their console. It's also rumored they paid an extra $25 million for Rockstar to make the 360 version the lead platform and releases day and date with the PS3 version.

M$ paid $1 million (Euro) to silence a female employee who was unfairly overlooked for a managing director position.

M$ shuts down the comment section on the Xbox One YouTube reveal page, because they didn't like the negative backlash.

M$ allegedly hires bloggers to write positive comments and spin negative information on popular sites such as Neogaf, Reddit, and possibly here. After being reported by a Reddit user, said users comments were removed.

PS4 is winning most online polls for "next-gen console" by 60% - 90%. Suddenly a huge influx of automated responses sweep the web polls with Xbox One votes.....

M$ allegedly paying 3rd party developer to not show their games running on the PS4....

M$ allegedly paid Spike TV to not air the PlayStation 4 conference during E3, since they're business partners with Viacom. The only other conference that was shown was EA, who just so happened to have exclusive content for M$ and the XB1, Ubisoft had exclusive content for the PS4 (no show), Nintendo isn't M$ and weren't having a real conference (but still it was streamed....).

M$ is just like the government, if they want to keep you quite all they have to do is write somebody a check .

giovonni1675d ago

Zodiac I had to give you a bubble for that one. that was funny "Mark Cerny Farts" lol. I think it's not all that serious, it's the same as buying store space to promote your product. Even if MS did pay Toys R US, so what. Its a form of advertisement, which any company is free to do, god forbid they paid to have the xboxone in the front window. Their will be screams of desperation from MS.

Gozer1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

You need to take off your tin foil hat and get outside. You are clearly a delusional fanboy. Geez, its always some sort of conspiracy with you sony fanatics. Do yourself a favor and get some exercise and find a girlfriend. How you got so many bubbles is proof this site is sony biased.

kalkano1675d ago


I don't think it's still called a "conspiracy" when it's already been proven true...

And, why would PS4 fanboys need to be defensive right now? Are XBOX fanboys even trying to claim that XBOX One is more popular, at the moment? Even they know it's not even close, so far.

Bzone241675d ago


No, when something is proven true a person like ABizzel1 wouldn't have to use the word 'allegedly' so many times in his post.

ABizzel11675d ago


"You need to take off your tin foil hat and get outside. You are clearly a delusional fanboy. Geez, its always some sort of conspiracy with you sony fanatics. Do yourself a favor and get some exercise and find a girlfriend. How you got so many bubbles is proof this site is sony biased."

Once again most of what I posted has been proven. FACT M$ paid $75 million for GTA4 in total. FACT M$ screwed a female employee over, and paid her to stay quiet. FACT M$ shut down their comment sections on YouTube videos. FACT Reddit users outed M$ employees on Reddit trying to use false accounts to sway gamers. FACT PS4 was slaying Xbox One in polls then magically "automated bots" start voting for Xbox Bone. FACT only M$ and developers who had exclusive Xbox One content were allowed to stream their conference on Spike TV during E3.


Since you're so concerned about my personal life, I'll give you some facts on that as well.

I'm very fit, I have a gym at my job that I use everyday, I'm 6'0, 175 lbs., and in perfect health. I'm single by choice, but I'm attractive, successful, and have plenty to offer to any women I so desire to date.

Ask @GamingCapacity they've seen what I look like.

I have so many bubbles, because I'm honest, I state FACTS, Occasionally I write prize winning reviews, I have insightful blogs, and I'm everything you're not, but everything you desire to be along with your six other accounts.

Instead of being a hating fanboy, get yourself together and ask a man with class how it's done. I'll be glad to teach you kid.

Gozer1675d ago Show
testerg351675d ago

Abizzel1, so you don't think Sony pays for timed exclusives, exclusive DLCs, and special treatment from stores? Oh wait when Sony does it "its good business"...

torchic1675d ago

"I have had sex with over 60 women"

wooooooow slow down there Sir Coolington, save some women for the rest of us!

oh boy -.- ahahahaha

ABizzel11675d ago

"BAHAHAHA!!!! I stand by the fact that you are a delusional fanboy. I was probably playing videogames while you were still on the teat, so where you get kid is a loss to me. Also, I have had sex with over sixty women, so if you want to get into a pissing contest Im game. I can tell you are green, because no sane chic would give the time of day to a weirdo like you."

That comment alone shows your age, or worse maturity level (nothing worse in life than an grown fool). You can post whatever you want, but again Everything I stated are FACTS, and I have people to vouch for everything I listed personally about myself.

You claim you slept with over 60 women, do you want a cookie. Better yet, get yourself checked out, you might have caught something.


Congrats on pulling one piece of information from an entire list of FACTS, to try and use in your argument. That's what people do when they can't stand on their own. Of course Sony pays developers/publishers for their games on to be on PS+, and it's possible they pay for exclusive and timed exclusive DLC. However, more often then not when it comes to DLC, Sony generally aids the developers on making the game optimized for the PlayStation hardware, co-develop the game, or develop the game in full (I think Sony is actually funding the PS Vita port of Borderlands). So yes that's good business; however, y've never heard of Sony spending $75 to make a game multiplat and better for their console. They'd rather make their own exclusive for that money.

Unlike @Gozer would have you believe I actually enjoyed the Xbox brand. I liked the Xbox original, and enjoyed the 360. M$ lost me with the sheer greed and stunts they tried to pull, and I'll get a Xbox one at some point because I love games, but you can guarantee the console will be bought used and I'll spread that word to everyone I know. It's humbling and a good lesson for them to learn, just like Sony learned a hard lesson for pricing the PS3 at $600.

PoSTedUP1675d ago

so, ABizzel's good looking fit and sucessful, and Gozer prob has std's. is there anything else yall would like the audience sitting at home watching to know? thought i accidently clicked on for a second. ha im too sober for this shit right now.

Blackdeath_6631675d ago

just FYI toys r us is a store for little kids enjoy playing against them on xbox live

nukeitall1675d ago


Sorry, but you sound like an @ss in your comments. If you write prize winning reviews, it might explain why the state of gaming journalism is soo bad!

ABizzel11675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


No you're just a fanboy afraid of the truth. I know the truth hurts, but you'll get over it in a day or two, and you'll be back to rolling in no time.

Everything I posted are FACTS and REPORTED problems that have all linked back to M$. Google it.

M$ are just as bad as the government with the way they do things, stop bending over and stand up straight for once. You might feel a little better.


He asked for it, I served him. He wasn't ready for the meal obviously :D

fsfsxii1675d ago

Cerny fart would be more constructive that your pointless babbling.

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Kingthrash3601675d ago

toys r us are as irrelivent to gaming as the news this article is covering.
if toys r us is so out of the loop in gaming like the dec 15 launch date they posted last month, then let them suffer.

MysticStrummer1675d ago

Yeah Toys R Us is the last place I'd go to buy a game or console. I used to get their gift cards every once in awhile for Christmas or birthday, and I hated them because Toys R Us prices were just a little higher than everyone else. I'd end up having to pay a little extra. I finally got all my relatives to go with Best Buy or GameStop cards instead.

OT - Obviously this is a fishy deal. Even if Toys R Us is only in the US (I'm not sure), PS4 would still be at least on their list, and preorder numbers would argue that PS4 is the "hotter" of the two consoles.

rainslacker1675d ago

Toy's R' Us is the first place PARENTS go on Black Friday. They are far from irrelevant.

Going anywhere near a Toy's R' Us on Black Friday weekend is pure lunacy. Parents go into this insane, crazy state when it comes to getting their kids what they want for Christmas, and if they can get more at one place, they will....sometimes no matter the cost.

Kingthrash3601675d ago

they are irrelivent in gaming....period. im a parent and my kids want games they say gamestop..but what evs man maybe not in your area.

rainslacker1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It has nothing to do with area. I was of course speaking in broad generalities, but Toy's R' Us is packed here on Black Friday weekend, and all the weeks throughout the holiday. It may be irrelevant to us gamers, but they sell plenty of video games, and whether they sell a lot compared to others is besides the point of the fact that almost every parent out there will know of this list, and Toy's R' Us, if their kids are between the ages of 1-15. Whether they actually buy at Toy's R' Us is of no concern to MS, the fact that this is a huge boost to visibility is.

But yeah, I'm sure your buying habits are indicative of the mass majority, so in your relating to the kids vernacular there blowing off my argument, my bad.

ShinMaster1675d ago

It's only irrelevant if you're a knowledgeable gamer/parent. A lot of parents aren't.

Besides, PS4 is already sold out at Toys R Us. So the only other system left for them to advertise is the Xbox One.

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EasilyTheBest1675d ago

The crying in here is unbelievable.

ZBlacktt1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

A PS4 will not be found in a kids toy store shop ad. It's for the more mature adult serious gamer.

All kidding aside, big deal people, lol. Let the consoles just come out and people buy which ever they like. It's all gotten so old I wish people could just laugh more, game more and worry less. Trust me, we've seen it every year. Both the PS3 and XBox are in Toys R Us ads. This year will be no different with the PS4 being added.

aceitman1675d ago

I go to TRU often for collectibles and right up front they have a big sign saying to pre-order the Xbox1 with $20 down. No mention of the PS4. Out of curiosity I asked if they were accepting PS4 pre-orders, they weren't because they sold hahaha. and then stated that they have people calling them all the time about when they will get more preorders in. and they have plenty of xbox1's to preorder. so im guessing they will not put something in there ad they cant guaranty .

STICKzophrenic1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Maybe Toys R Us sold out of their allotted PS4 stock, but still have plenty Xbox Ones not pre-ordered, so they're advertising it to move what isn't already accounted for.

LackTrue4K1675d ago

most gamers go to other places for games/ doute "A sale is a sale"

Only time i go in there is for kid stuff...

Blaze9291675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I don't get it, the PS4 is right below the Xbox One in the "check out the rest" section....right next to My Little Pony.

So did Sony pay Toys R Us for that spot too? Or maybe Xbox One pre-orders and interest are stronger than you people seem to "believe."

The fact that the Xbox One made it, and not the PS4 - MS had to pay them lol. But let it had been the other way around, "PS4 gaining heat!"

It's the HOT TOY LIST, top 15 from Toys R Us (not just anybody when it comes to knowing holiday interests) - and Xbox One made it in rather than the PS4. Take that how you want.

ShinMaster1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Xbox One pre-orders and interest aren't stronger.
The PS4 has been sold out at Toys R Us for a while now.
The only other system left for them to sell is the Xbox One.

Also Microsoft just called them "partners". Take that however you want.