Dragon's Crown Gets Patch 1.02, Which Adds Even More Bug Fixes, Features and Modifications

Atlus just announced a new patch for the side-scroller brawler, Dragon’s Crown, called Patch 1.02. It fixes more bugs in the game, and also adds new games features while modifying existing ones.

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rextraordinaire1767d ago

Sweet for the wizard boost.

LiQuiZoN1767d ago

Great game. I'll have to dump some hours into it this weekend.

Giru0171767d ago

Great additions! Keep up the good work Atlus!

Inception1767d ago

Nice. It's time to go back to this game after wrestled tons of hours in Xillia ^^

kingPoS1767d ago

Now I get to play with my wiz cranked up to a Dark Schneider level of badass.

[giggling ensues]