Sony's PlayStation 4 to make Asian debut in Dec 2013

At a pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) press conference, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be available in Asia in December this year. This is earlier than the scheduled launch of the console in Japan on February 22 2014. The PS will be launched first in the US on November 15 while many parts of Europe will get the console on November 29.

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Godmars2901793d ago

NOW I can see Japanese gamers getting offended...

jujubee881793d ago

Seems more offensive to launch a console without games that speak to Japanese gamers tastes. Opposed to launching in Feb 2014 with stuff from Capcom, Suda51, and more.

SegaSaturn6691793d ago

Hey, they got the vita first, it's only fair

Kingthrash3601793d ago

lol dam...i guess because the 360 sold 100,000 in japan they feel like its ok to launch out there last....come to think of it i dont think x1 is releasing in japan this year so why rush? jp gamers will be pissed but once it releases all will be good....smh tho

WorldGamer1793d ago

I thought we already knew about this before. I might be incorrect.

tarbis1793d ago

WOW! It's earlier than expected. Gomen Japan. ^^;;;

tiffac0081793d ago

I can see our local retailers here buying from Hong Kong and/or Singapore and then selling the PS4 here for an arm and a leg.

tarbis1793d ago

All our systems came from HK anyways. So, there's no real difference. Only the price. XD

aaron58291793d ago

what???? yeah!!! I can get a ps4 as early as december this year... niceeeee!!

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