GTA V is a Casual Game

"GTA V is a casual game because it is played by casual gamers. It is also played by guys who keep the fridge by the sofa and piss into empty bottles to avoid putting down the controller, and a whole bunch of people inbetween.

But the biggest market, the ones who are going to really be driving the sales, are people who like to play something brainless when there’s nothing good on and the pub seems too far away."

M. Hurd talks about the concept of casual gamers, why the distinction is flawed and why, by rights, GTA V should be classified as a casual game.

"No matter how many weekend-gamers own the latest Shoot Shoot, Bang Bang triple-A title, it will still be awarded the shiny gold star of Real Game because…because reasons, is why. Because people die. Or it isn’t on phones."

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ABeastNamedTariq1762d ago

It's got mass appeal. Like, an extreme mass appeal. I'd classify it as a core game played by all types of people, not casual. People love it!

Thatguy-3101762d ago

GTA is like COD on how it has mass appeal and targets the main demographic of gamers that play games.

Angels37851762d ago

Sorry...GTA doesnt cater to children.

TongkatAli1762d ago

My little cousins love GTA, but i don't want them playing it cause the language is beyond what a little twelve and eleven year old should be hearing and little kids absorb words like sponges

My cousin who is their mother is retarded and spoils them. I love her, but she is retarded when it comes to controlling what they're playing.

boldscot1762d ago

Unfortunately there are many brain dead,lazy parents, who are buying the game for their young kids.
Kids as young as 9 are having the game bought for them where I live.
My girlfriend works in a video game rental store and she's served parents coming in with 10 and 11 year old's having the game bought for them.
The parents ignore her when she tells them that it's not for kids, " keeps them quiet" or " whatever makes them happy " is the general response.

joe901762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

9/10 from me, missing the 1 because i can't find jewelery which i miss from SA. if anyone knows of where to find "Bling" eg. Chains,ear rings and watches ill give that 1 back in to make it a 10/10.

GTA 5 is for adults who enjoy a well rounded game. It has shooting,cars,planes,choppers, golf,tennis,submarines,getting high and yoga. It has a bit of everything for each person. It doesn't focus on 1 thing for it to be either "casual" or "hardcore". I would label it a "Well Rounded Game For All".

Also i Seen a mother in the que at Morrisons today with her 10(ish) year old (what looked spoiled) son, with a copy of GTA5. This kid was like a barking dog at his mum to hurry up so he could get home to play with his friends (on a school day may i add).

I'm playing this in another room from my kids as visiting titty bars and Trevors use of the word F*(% every 5 seconds isn't what i want them seeing or hearing.

Some parents deserve their kids to go postal on them.

Thatguy-3101762d ago

idk about myself and others were easily at our early teens when playing gta 3.

GribbleGrunger1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@angels3785: Oh, I think it does.

Deadpoolio1762d ago

Really then how come I see asstons of kids getting their parents to purchase it for them.....I'm sorry you want to believe only adults play it but children do also....

HammadTheBeast1762d ago

Guys. When we were in our teens and earlier years, GTA was a bunch of pixels, blood was red dots and there was no actual voice acting.

Now's GTA's are much more..... defined.

Muffins12231762d ago

A bunch of kids play gta...EVERYONE plays gta....

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TongkatAli1762d ago

I'm in the mood to give Rockstar a lot of money. Going to get Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars on my Vita.

Also a second copy of GTA V for shits and giggles.

kevnb1762d ago

it can be, but it can keep any gamer happy.

Grimhammer001762d ago

I'm curious to see the effect this game and its OCT 1st mp has on cod ghosts.

Deadpoolio1762d ago

You know COD: ghosts doesn't come out till Nov 5th right?

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