Rockstar: 'Of course we could do a game with a lead female character'

GameZone writes, "Rockstar Games doesn't hate women. They just haven't found the right game for a lead female character. For those not keeping track of the ongoing conversation, there's a debate as to whether or not Grand Theft Auto would be an appropriate franchise for a playable female character. With GTA 5's switch to three playable characters, there was some question as to why one of them wasn't a female?"

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HauntedQuiche1737d ago

"We didn't really think about it this time"

That, right there, is the problem. It didn't even occur to them. There is no good reason that one of those characters couldn't be made into a woman with pretty much no change to the story.

But they didn't.

Cos they just 'didn't really think about it'. And never will.

wishingW3L1737d ago

all the people complaining about GTA being misogyny....

Regis1737d ago

They could add a female character as free dlc

PoSTedUP1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

lol. its not the problem, at all. go play a game where there is a lead female role. rockstar wouldnt think even for a Seond to put a female character as a lead role soly based on its history of gameplay. and if they do, be prepared for it to be a sleezy nasty c*** playing the role in gta bc the guy characters are a solid bunch of stereo typical dirtbags for the most part too. they would get even more hate for they way they would portray the female character (trust me you will get what yall ask for on this one). "oh ma gawd, look it how they made the female character, that is so wrong". im sure they simply dont wanna hear anymore bitching, so yeah just leave gta to be what it was, has, and always will be. actually, send them a letter for the next game they make with a female character, tell em to call it "grand theft shoe store" or ........."grand theft stfu and play the game"

Neckbear1737d ago

And why should they turn one of them into a woman for no reason?

HauntedQuiche1737d ago

Because there are a thousand male leads out there, and variety is nice?

They've never written one before, it could shake things up a bit. Stretch them as writers.

Blacktric1737d ago

Because white knights doesn't give a s**t about artistic integrity. That's why.

showtimefolks1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

i don't want to play GTA with lead character being a female, maybe its one of the side characters but not the lead please RS don't mess it up

man why do we have to put females into everything? tomb raider with a male hero anyone?

seriously, RS don't do it or you will cost yourself a lot of money, its a proven fact that many men like me won't buy games if the lead character is a women

its like saying i want uncharted with a female character


very well put, i was looking for words to put it nicely.

wishingW3L1737d ago

don't care if I lose a bubble for this but I have to say it... This comment is literally one (can't say the most because man N4G is full of retards) of the most idiotic comments I've seen since I joined this site.

KonsoruMasuta1737d ago

The Tomb Raider Reboot sold pretty well.

I'm against forcing Rockstar to put a female lead in the games but that comment about any game with a female lead not selling for that reason is kind of BS.

Megaton1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

This is some really ignorant crap. Just because Rockstar shouldn't have to jam a female into their game to appease the perpetually offended, doesn't mean female leads are a bad thing. If it really makes you feel that awkward about your sexuality to play the role of a female in a video game, perhaps you should talk to a professional about that.

pwnsause_returns1737d ago

>man why do we have to put females into everything? tomb raider with a male hero anyone?
>male hero

Nathan drake.

showtimefolks1737d ago


yeh its just me right, that's why bioshock infinite director ken didn't want to put Elizabeth on the cover art because it hurts the game sales

its just not me, there are studies that have been done that prove the fact games where females are the lead character don't sell as much

now maybe RS can do a kickass female character but understand this GTA is take-two's biggest IP so maybe they don't want to risk loosing sales

why does every game have to give us the damn option to play as a female character? i know most my male friends never play a game with female character even when given the option

so yeh go ahead and say whatever you want about my thinking, gaming is a business and end of the day the goal for each game is to make as much money as possible

24 hours $800 million dollars, why would RS risk loosing sales by including a female main character

my thing is why are we forcing RS to do something? if they want to than that's fine but we shouldn't hate on them because they haven't done it

GTA online has female character so choose that., but even than given the option most males would still pick a male main character

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admiralvic1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

""We didn't really think about it this time"

That, right there, is the problem. "

No. It's actually the solution. It really isn't equality or doing anyone any good if developers / story writers have to sit down and evaluate everything that goes into the story.

- Is there at least 1 asian, black, white, indian, native american character? Do they fit into the story and sound right? How can we make sure that all races come out ahead.
- Is there a strong female? Does she have a good role in the story? How can we make her useful without making her rely on a man?
- Is there nothing but PC verbiage? How can we lower anything that could make someone offended?

Whether or not you believe it, the right attitude is to not define these things, but to act as if they're completely natural. Why didn't they add a Female character? Didn't occur to them. It wasn't malicious, hateful or anything. They just SIMPLY did not think a woman fit into their story. Sadly too many people want to take harmless things like this and spin them to be harmful.

Angels37851737d ago

Well said. I couldn't agree more. In fact replacing one of the main characters in the story would make her look overpowered..all too often empowering women with strength and fighting skills of a man in entertainment (while very rare) takes away the seriousness and realism of the story.

Megaton1737d ago

Very well said. I'm tired of companies diluting their product out of fear for offending special interest groups. Rockstar wanted to tell a story. It didn't include a female lead. Oh well, maybe next time. They shouldn't have to jam one into their game simply because you and the people inside your little offended bubble need everything to follow the ultra-PC checklist of pseudo-equality.

raWfodog1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

You said there's no good reason that one of those characters couldn't be made into a woman. Do you have a good reason that one of those characters should be a woman? Other than an agenda for political correctness?

That's like telling a producer/director what his/her movie should be about or an artist what he/she should paint. And just like those professions, you always have people who will criticize their work regardless.

You can't please everyone so don't even try to. Just create the vision that you want.

nirwanda1737d ago

That because gang leaders generally aren't women, honesty could you take a GTA game seriously if the lead role was a female gun totting thug picking up prostitutes.

rextraordinaire1737d ago

You expect everyone to always think about women, how they'll react, if they'll be offended? Really? How princess-y. Seriously that's inflated ego.

come_bom1737d ago

DLC with a female lead.

KonsoruMasuta1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

You want to push your political agenda? Go make your own game with a female lead.

Don't try to change another artist's vision or try to push your views into someone else's work.

Rockstar is being nice. See, I would have told you all to [Explicit word here] off!

Do I think women should have better roles in games? Yes, I do.

But I'm not going to try to force that idea into someone elses work.

You don't see me complaining to Rockstar for a playable Japanese protagonist.

BozoLoco1737d ago


If a story is written with male characters in mind, how the hell WOULDN'T the story change?

You're applying pathetic leftist fantasy about males and females being entirely equal, when they're not.

Suggesting the story wouldn't change is suggesting people approach and embrace male and female characters equally, when we don't, 'cause, like, they're different.

Seriously, I'm getting sick and tired of the progressive internet movement's preposterous equality campaign. Give it up already.

TotalHitman1737d ago

I can't imagine a woman being taken seriously in a game like GTA.

IanVanCheese1736d ago

Most major and violent crime is committed by men. GTA V is about some pretty major and violent crime. It would make very little sense for a female lead in this sense, they'd just be shoe-horning one in to please a crowd they are never going to please anyway.

Alexious1736d ago

Disagree, that's not how you make a good story. I agree with the sentiment, and I'm hopeful female will be playable in the next GTA.

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-Foxtrot1737d ago

I wouldn't really want one to be honest, I don't know why I just wouldn't.

Unless she was like a smoking hot tough lesbian or something...that would really show those feminists complaining about the lack of a main female character. Least then when they complain about that character they could turn around and say "Oh I thought you wanted a female character...we obviously can't please you"

Thatguy-3101737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Not to be sexist or anything but GTA series is a testosterone game and has to have a male lead. Having a female lead wouldn't fit what the franchise has given to gamers. Don't the main demographic for GTA would enjoy picking up male prostitute, going to a male strip club etc. It isn't right to throw in a woman character just for the sake of having them there. The series isn't fit for it.

HauntedQuiche1737d ago

But WHY isn't it fit for it?

I honestly don't see any reason that a female character wouldn't work.

Saying its a 'testosterone game' doesn't really mean anything at all.

Thatguy-3101737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Don't you think they'll get a lot more heat from the media by having a woman do all the bad and inappropriate things that GTA allows gamers to do as a male?

Spoons1736d ago

13 year old boys do not want to play a game with a female lead and as dboyc has stated male prostitutes, ect.

Axonometri1737d ago

Well, Rockstar loves controversy. Would this not be a perfect fit for them?

Dan_scruggs1737d ago

Yes we can. But we haven't and probably won't.

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