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Q&A: Microsoft’s Spencer on Xbox One Demand

The introduction of Microsoft’s next-generation game console has not gone smoothly.

Initially, the company upset some users by introducing new rules restricting the sale and trade of game disks, while requiring the new machine to connect to the Internet every day. Even though it reversed those policies,the perception that Microsoft had stumbled became a theme that echoed across the Internet months before the launch. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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mewhy32  +   298d ago
That's a good one. It reminds me of the E3 audience at the micro$oft conference. Now on topic. The PS4is outselling the bone world wide. period.
jackanderson1985  +   298d ago
it's not outselling a thing because it hasn't even been released yet
BG11579  +   298d ago
Because probably the PS4 will come out in more than 13 countries?
That should give you a hint.
jmc8888  +   298d ago
That's a very incorrect way of seeing things.

I guess the thousands upon thousands that have already paid for their consoles and/or traded in earlier systems was just for fun right?

Sure some people could cancel non-paying pre-orders. But most people wouldn't pre-order it to begin with if they didn't have a legitimate desire to own it.

Others paid a small deposit down. Either way the moment a single person paid a single dollar for the console, the sales began.

What's next, saying no one played GTA V until the release date?
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UltimateMaster  +   298d ago
Xbone is just a short term to Xbox One.
Hey, don't look at the gamer, Microsoft is the one who called it One.
I'm not the one calling it an Xbone.
I see pirates when you say Xbone... like they want to take over your ship and steal everything you possess.

...Oh, I get it now.
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jackanderson1985  +   297d ago

check out MS sales in those 18 countries that Sony is launching where the xbox one isn't.... they don't amount to that much over 8 years


it's actually a very correct way of looking at things. Pre-orders are just saying maybe I'll take this in november... even those who pay a deposit/full price can get it back if they don't want the console. Lots of people pre-order these things at launch in the hopes of selling em on at a ridiculously inflated price.

Sometimes shit happens at the local stores like they've run out of stock so when Billy comes in to pick up his PS4 they've none in stock so they'll either say wait till we get new stock or offer him a xbox one to buy (they're a business they'll try sell anything).

Not sure where the analogy of playing GTA came in but ok yeah sure.


I haven't a clue what you are on about
alexkoepp  +   297d ago
Countries launched in really doesn't matter. If there are 1 million of each system available at launch and Xbox only sells in US, and Playstation launches in every country on earth, there are still only 1 million units available. Launching in all those countries means people in the US have less available consoles to buy... and US is the only country that matters... go USA!
BG11579  +   296d ago
@jackanderson1985 @alexkoepp
The PS4 has been in production full-throttle since the middle of the year. There were no production problems that rose until today. Sony is speaking of + millions pre-orders and an objective of 5 millions console sold until March 2014.
Even so, it's true that a drought of PS4 may occurs in the beginning after the pre-orders are shipped.
Yet; Sony is looking very optimistically to the sale numbers of the PS4. They must have a reason.
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Belking  +   298d ago
lol..yea right...and 3ds is smashing vita world wide....so is the old DS...lol
sic_chops  +   298d ago
Still sold more than M$'s handheld. Last word.
obelix01  +   298d ago
OpieWinston  +   298d ago
Kids these days, you're so narrow minded.
awesomeperson  +   298d ago
From reading your comment history - you really shouldn't be calling anyone a "narrow minded" kid.

But on that subject, what is narrow-minded about his comment? Sure it reeks of fanboyism, as do most comments on this site, but what he said is true. The PS4 is, and will, outsell the Xbox One worldwide.

The real challenge for Sony is if they can regain marketshare in the UK and the US.
LogicStomper  +   298d ago
"But on that subject, what is narrow-minded about his comment?"

The term 'fanboy' is used to describe one who has a undeniable bias towards one thing. They would only see the negatives about an alternative and all the positives about their preferred thing. Using this definition, we can now say that this also fits under the term narrow-minded.

So OpieWinston stands correct. Not feeling so awesome now huh?
Trekster_Gamer  +   298d ago
Oh there is a shocker yet another Sony troll first to comment...
walkincarpet  +   298d ago
x1 may have slow start but will sell more in the casual market because of all its features just like PS3 numbers were boosted for blu-ray.
Gekko36  +   297d ago
@All The praystation will do well so will the Xbox One.

Pick a console and buy it. This baby arguement of "mines better than yours" is that of young children who haven't learned how to share.

It's like playing as kids and the boy who owns the ball, get the hump with the others and takes his ball hom.

Chill, buy a Praystation if you want and enjoy.

Stop the nit picking and relax
GraveLord  +   298d ago
Less than PS4.
xDHAV0K24x  +   298d ago
Sooo ur saying x1 will fail like the wiiu?
WeAreLegion  +   298d ago
The Xbox One will outsell the Wii U within months of release. The PS4 will, too. Just saying. Lol. I have a Wii U.

It's a graveyard of sadness. :/
GraveLord  +   298d ago
Nope. Not a chance.

Xbox One will be successful enough, just not PS4 successful.
MasterCornholio  +   297d ago
I believe that the Xbox One will sell better than the Wii U but less than the PS4 during its first year on the market. After that anything can happen.

Nexus 7 2013
kingdip90  +   298d ago
I wonder why they won't talk pre order nunbers? I would love to know what they are...
The_Infected  +   298d ago
Even if they did they'd probably lie about the numbers.
devwan  +   298d ago
They could always correct it a couple of days later, it's worked before.

On topic: Spencer did well dodging around a bit on that last question.

Also, "over a two- or three-year period, you start to get some of those swing consumers making decisions. I would take a longer term view."

Does that suggest the big price drops might be 2 or 3 years away and that microsoft are confident they can charge what they like for a couple of years as people will buy it up regardless? Unit cost is a big factor for those "swingers".
Chevalier  +   298d ago
They only just recently opened preorders again for us. My store now has a whopping 44 xbox ones presold. Too bad for them ps4 preorders in my store are 302 units. So yeah in Canada at least I can confirm that EB/Gamestop it's getting ridiculous how skewed it is. 100 preorders would be unheard of for most stores, ps4 moved into ridiculous amounts for our stores like 3 months ago where all our stores passed that amount and it just keeps going.
Regis  +   298d ago
Hey no waiting too long for the xbox then and you can pick up a PS4 while you are there.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   298d ago
There has to be a date or deadline for Microsoft to reveal specifics. Microsoft has never spewed numbers randomly. You won't know until after dates like Black friday and the like. Advertising and all the details of the console are not even in full gear yet. What would be the point?

Lets not forget Microsoft sells the Xbox One in their stores and on their websites not to mention on Xbox Live.
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Chevalier  +   298d ago
Yeah no point in talking about how bad they are losing in preorders they should just focus on positives. If they had good numbers they'd be talking about it plain and simple. My store has 302 ps4 preorders and only 44 xbox ones, not single store out of 9 in my city has over 50 units whereas ps4 numbers are over 150 per store (over 100 system preorders are unheard of till ps4 came along). Our top store has 451 preorders for ps4 and about 100 xbox ones preordered, only store that comes close to those ps4 numbers is in New York somewhere.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   298d ago
Yeah I don't know the allocation details of both companies at any given time or area.

I don't know if you're talking over time in total or all at once which both seem hard to believe unless effect by what I got at above.
thekhurg  +   298d ago
They're definitely lower than PS4 - and did anyone find it odd that he sort of wrote off sales this year? Saying that sales won't play out until NEXT holiday and beyond.

They're probably going to have some inventory issues in meeting the demand that'll be out there this year. So they'll downplay any significance for starting strong out the gate.
Chevalier  +   298d ago

No they won't because our actual xbox one stock we're given is pathetically low so I'd say it's pretty unlikely. MS are the ones that got us to close our preorders of their own doing and I can assure you while Microsoft wants to tell you the demand is high and it's due to high demand it's not. When they were telling you guys they were sold out it was actually not a lie, just nice twisting of words. When we 'sold out' we had a whopping 40 TOTAL xbox one units and now in 2 weeks since we reopened xbox one orders we sold 4 more, while Microsoft cut our stock Sony said keep going and now we're at 302 ps4's which is just beyond ridiculous (no pun intended with 'Beyond' by the way however fitting). We have NEVER seen numbers like Sony are getting ever, certainly in 6 years I worked at EB have never seen numbers like this. Unfortunately xbox one is still floundering about.
Godoftheweek  +   298d ago
My store had 120 PS2 preorders for comparison. Woodfield mall Funcoland ( now Gamestop) Chicago burb Illinois. It was the store with the most preorders out of any store in the Chicago area. I had a Japanese modded PS2 that I brought to my store on a regular basis so that I could increase preorders. I even had the unreleased Madden 2001.

300 is ridiculous. PS4 will dwarf any console launch before it I m o.

You can book it, lead pipe lock it, and cue up the gravity challenged lady.
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dethpuck  +   298d ago
If they sell all they can produce what is the problem? Ps4 is doing great no question. But x1 will sell just fine especially when halo 5 and titanfall drop. I'm getting both consoles so I don't care I want both to be successful
DeadManIV  +   298d ago
BlueBlood17  +   298d ago

>The faint wisp of the gentle breeze suddenly becomes deafeningly audible.
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xDHAV0K24x  +   298d ago
Get ur ears checked
BlueBlood17  +   298d ago
Mmmmm, tasty!
BlueBlood17  +   298d ago
"Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios and the person responsible for content on the Xbox One, said the company is in good shape with the Xbox One, which is now coming off the production lines. While he wouldn’t specify a pre-order number for the Xbox One, Mr. Spencer said it could come up with a total that’s “one more” if it wanted to get into the numbers game with Sony."

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buynit  +   298d ago
Yea im still confused on that too...
jmc8888  +   298d ago
Makes no sense (Spencer).

If they could make them faster, they would.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   298d ago
Yes...the dmands are very high for the xbox one. The console offers gamers and consumers a full entertaiment package full voice control quick snap between screens all without a remote control. It offers over 300k servers for online gaming and it plays 4k blu ray movies on day one. So yes the demand is very high.
jmc8888  +   298d ago
The Xbox 360, PS3, etc all offer console owners a full entertainment package...if those people don't have a PC from 1999 or later.

It wasn't called Xboxflix. It was called Netflix.

Yes now Xbox One owners can surf HD cable like any HD cable box from 2003 or earlier. (except it takes >10x longer to go through all 1500/9999(300 or so actual) channels because of Kinect slowing it down.

Because people buy overpriced consoles just so they can access limited media devices most people already have, in some cases many times over, and if it's a PC, is far better at doing media.

Do we really have a REAL server number or just a virtual server number? Also why is it that Xbox 360 didn't have those 300,000 servers and most people thought it was fine. Thus showcasing WHY you don't need '300k' servers by whatever definition they use. Without the 300k servers it wasn't just fine...but the gold standard.

Anyone that has a 4ktv and wants to game is most likely going to hook up their PC to it, because it can actually play games at 4k resolution....and if they can afford a 4ktv, they can afford a PC capable of playing games at that resolution.

but ok, it can play those 4k movies being played on Sony's technology, for which every Xbox One sold will send money Sony's way.

But the demand IS high, speaking historically. Just far lower than it should of been given Xbox's current position in the market and everything it had going for it.

Oh and Wii U had high pre-order demand and sold out too. So overall given where Microsoft and the Xbox brand were, it's a fricking disaster.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   298d ago
Some folks just won't let it go that whole summary was to debunked the xb1 demands.
rainslacker  +   298d ago
Where exactly are you getting the numbers that those things you mentioned are in high demand?

Seems samsung had some trouble selling their version of it in their TV's not too long ago. I guess throwing in games is helpful though. A game system is much more desirable than a nice HDTV.
True_Samurai  +   298d ago
Preorders are definitely high in Mobile. Microsoft are distributing large quantities in our area
FrigidDARKNESS  +   298d ago
To give you an idea of the demand the xb1 is only console listed in ToysRUs Fab 15
BitbyDeath  +   298d ago
Same with EB Games in Australia.

All PS4 shipments are well soldout til early next year.


Xbone still has launch units available for preorder

rainslacker  +   298d ago
Wii U was listed in it too last year.


That list is more about money spent, than actual demand, although demand is generated through money spent. It's all circular, kinda like the RROD.

I will admit though, I am looking forward to the "FurReal Friend Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet"
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sic_chops  +   298d ago
They're trying to sell their stock of xb one that they still have left. I bet you can't still been a ps4 there.
ShwankyShpanky  +   297d ago
Yes, paid advertising is an excellent indicator of demand.
christocolus  +   298d ago
I'm so happy for ms and looking forward to the xbx one..and its exclusives
D-riders  +   298d ago
fastest selling game of all time???
redcar121  +   298d ago
Ps4 won't win x1 has cod dlc first that will help outsell ps4 im sad 2 say
mxrider2199  +   298d ago
people will move onto battlefield now that it can handle more players on console
i myself am playkng kzsf over anything and if it dissapoints likekz3 then ill get bf4 or move onto ps2 check out the f2p games offered but i think bo 2 was my last cod same thing with new maps every time with a broken hit detection system gets really old
#13.1 (Edited 298d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
FITgamer  +   298d ago
The fact that you think early COD dlc will determine the winner is laughable and sad.
sic_chops  +   298d ago
Just like this generation? Xbox 360 in last place
#13.3 (Edited 298d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
redcar121  +   298d ago
Sony was losing money on ps3 alot of money
Cuders  +   297d ago
Xbox won the generation but ps4 will next.
#13.3.2 (Edited 297d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
FukEnForG  +   298d ago
Weak questions.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   297d ago
People like to knock it now but if they can pull off the "ONE" vision around the world (I am not convinced they can) and actually get this one guide thing going where you can just ask for breaking bad and it will show you where its on sky combined with where its on your NF or LF the average person is going to be really into that.

I am getting both systems day one, my real worry with the ps4 is that it isnt really pushing anything forwards. Its wont really do anything major thats new or interesting. I just hope that starting in a dominant position they dont just keep it as is and try and introduce more interesting products and services. A real worry for me is that if ps4 has a better gaming experience but its online is rubbish compared to live. I really hope they sort out the online issues that dogged the ps3.
Cuders  +   297d ago
What Demand? last time i checked no body wanted "ONE"

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