GTA IV and Wii Fit, the best of friends

TVGB writes: It looks like we're going to see some real money thrown about by the end of this month. With both Wii Fit and GTA IV coming out in quick succession, April is going to be a big earner for the industry. But, with Wii Fit coming out merely days before Grand Theft Auto IV could Nintendo's fitness software steal some of Rockstars thunder? Apparently not, according to the director of Analytical Services at EEDAR, Jesse Divnich.

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chaosatom3333743d ago

--Wiifit is 80 bucks, GTA is 60 bucks.
---GTA will kill not only Wiifit, but also the Wii.
---People will be selling their Wii from now on.

---If Wiifit could squezze one article past gtaiv, I'll be surprised.

ikiru33853743d ago

i think mario kart will sell, too.