Players Can Cause Beasts in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to Become Extinct

In certain games, do you ever get so annoyed with particular beasts/monsters that you wish developers would just cut them out? Well, in the latest Final Fantasy installment, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you can do that.

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harrisk9541826d ago

You mean, like when a game only has a limited number of a certain type of monster and they don't re-spawn after you kill them? Sounds pretty innovative to me! /s

user55757081826d ago

just like squarenix is causing its AAA titles to go extinct with the release of more mediocre games like the FFXIII trilogy

NexGen1826d ago

I wish we could make ffxiii go extinct.

shaft01401826d ago

I shall cause the entire bestiary to go extinct. muahahaha!

denero11826d ago

Theyve been doing this with ff 15 for 9 years

AceofStaves1826d ago

If there are Marlboros in this game, they will become extinct. And Tonberrys.

Spenok1826d ago

And Cactaurs! Those things hurt too much :(

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