Somehow, Nintendo Managed to Screw Up Wii Sports on Wii U

GenGAME writes: "On paper, Wii Sports Club sounds like a great idea. It incorporates Wii MotionPlus into every sport, meaning the depth of control is greater and games don’t boil down to timed waggle. It adds competitive online multiplayer, meaning play isn’t limited to solo practice or drunken Wii parties. And it’s all in HD. I’m actually pretty much down with everything I’ve seen on the software side, and I’m pretty likely to purchase Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling when they’re available on November 7.

"The problem is that, beyond being a better version of Wii Sports, Wii Sports Club seems wrongly-poised in just about every other aspect."

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legendoflex1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

So, they took what was basically a free (bundled) game at launch last-gen (and is now a $20 game), re-announced it with basically zero fanfare and no actual marketing finesse right after GTAV came out at $50 for the whole package as a download-only title that will therefore lose most of its visibility to the average consumer? (This is a franchise built on the backs of the average consumer, mind you.)

What in the actual hell.

The $2 rental and flexible pricing are great ideas, as are most of the updates. Everything about the marketing and positioning sucks otherwise.

PopRocks3591792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

This is just an announcement for the game. I imagine there could be a Wii U bundle at some point in the future after the Zelda bundles are sold.

I personally think $10 per sports title is a little expensive, but other than that I see little reason to complain here. Not that it's largely exciting either.

Concertoine1792d ago

no marketing finesse...
you do realize the game isn't coming out until november right, its a little early to advertise a game that wont be out until 2 months from now. how do you know nintendo won't advertise the game, or bundle it with a wii u?

legendoflex1792d ago

They were marketing Wii Sports from E3 all the way to launch.

bigchad1792d ago

Im sure they have a Wii Sports Club bundle up their sleves for the mass market.

Neonridr1792d ago

I somewhat agree, however most purchasers of the Wii U already own the Wii system, so having the necessary controllers shouldn't be an issue.

I do agree that it is priced a little expensively, however on the flip side, if you only like Tennis, Bowling and Golf, you can get the games you want for less than a full priced game.

AWBrawler1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I only want tennis. My GF will buy bowling and baseball herself if she wants it. And come on there is well over 40 million wii remote plus out there already thats more remotes than wii u's. It will do fine.

Trago13371792d ago

What the hell are they doing?

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The story is too old to be commented.