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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a remake of the failed PC release of the same name, only this time, Square Enix has ported the title to the PlayStation 3. It’s a completely cross-platform game, where PC and PS3 players all reside on the same servers with the exact same content. Purchasing the game includes a 30 day subscription, but like many other MMOs, it's a pay-to-play game beyond that.

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black0o1832d ago

didn't see this one coming .. o.O

fsfsxii1832d ago

Thats like... an opinion??

Aceman181832d ago

I'm level 22 and loving the way it plays, this review fails and fails hard.

rdgneoz31832d ago

After the bug / server issues being fixed, the game has been a lot better. Only problems I have is needing more instances and seeing some mobs during fates with a large amount of people present. Having a group formed within a min of joining the duty finder or going in with a premade, and having to wait 20 to 30 minutes for an instance to be available is annoying...

FamilyGuy1832d ago

There are some fair points in the review but I think it's 5/10 rating is far too harsh. He blames the PS3 but really a lot of his issues sound more like they're net related. It's an online game and he was waiting for things to load pretty often. Some PS3 related as it can only have so many characters on screen in a single area at one time but I think others would probably be fixed after the server upgrade that literally just happened.

I was already planning on waiting for the PS4 version so it's not too big of an issue for me but I still think the game is better than a 5/10 on PS3 from playing through the Beta and from the excitement of my psn friends who picked it up already.

KonsoruMasuta1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Lowest score I've seen so far.

Snarkasaur1832d ago

This feels slightly unfair, as reviews go. The majority of the negatives are based around the hardware. That's like someone with a lower end PC rating the game poorly because it doesn't play as well as it could.

The core of the gameplay, the game itself, rates higher than a 5, and most of your reviews would suggest just that. I'm not sure where the dislike is coming from.

belac091832d ago

this game is amazing, its their loss. i am soooo hooked on it.

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