Grand Theft Auto V Exceeds $800 Million In Worldwide Sales At Launch

Talk about a terrific first day, Rockstar has confirmed with us that in the first 24 hour Take-Two Interactive Software and the Grand Theft Auto Series has beaten its record with over $800 million in launch-day sales.

According to Take-Two’s report, Grand Theft Auto V delivered “the highest first day retail sales of any title in the history of the Company and the Grand Theft Auto series”. Launched on September 17 for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360, this total does not include the upcoming launch in Japan and Brazil.

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ABeastNamedTariq1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Hellll yes. I love it when games like this sell well. They put the time and effort into it, and it shows. They deserve it.

cleft51648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Just goes to show that spending years on a game instead of producing sequels every year can pay off big. Good job, Rockstar.

Angels37851648d ago

To be fair though not every developer has the talent, loose time constraints, investment and widespread sucess as rockstar. Let alone the number of people working on the game.

BLow1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

You make a good point but that yearly game that I think your talking about makes a billion dollars itself every year on launch. The industry has room for both models and Rockstar made one hell of a game. They are clearly the best at what they do and I enjoy all the games they make. Next up...Red Dead 2. Just imagine that game on next gen hardware. Can't wait....

Edit: Well it actually took Black Ops 2 15 days to hit 1 billion...ooops my bad...whatever.. it's still a shit load of money either way.

AmazingBrian1648d ago

@BLow its actually read dead 3

jackanderson19851647d ago

Activision post huge sales from rehashes of COD so that also pays off. BLOPS 2 got 1billion in 15 days...i know GTA5 will probably fly past that in a week but still... 1 billion yearly or 2 billion ever 5 years? i know which i'd take

egidem1647d ago

I've been diving into game development (an easy 2D space shooter I'm working on) and it's quite some work that goes into creating a simple game (programming, creating art and sound for the game, then putting it all together) and let me say it's no simple work.

I've been playing this game and the sheer amount of scope and content that is in the game is absolutely astounding!

It just makes me think of how many hours went into creating the entire game and I say again - Rockstar deserves every penny :)

SnotyTheRocket1647d ago

Well, I mean, technically, it IS a sequel, but, it's still an awesome game.

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Sevir1648d ago

Good for R* and Take2, this is the most expensive game ever developed in the gaming industry, so it needed to break sales records and such. Now, can we get Agent on PS4 and PS3 PLEASE!!!!

FamilyGuy1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

They spent something like 267 million on the game right? Glad to see it was so profitable already from Day 1. Though we all knew this was going to be a huge seller.

Here it is, "265 million". Spent more than any other game ever released as well as almost every movie.

sinjonezp1648d ago

The game makes me wonder are the people at Rock star, Gods? Lol I just hope with this amount of revenue, they can develop a PC Version. While I love the ps3 version of this game, this game was made for high end graphics cards; pushing them to there limits @1080p, 1920×1200, 1440p, and 4k for the ultra enthusiast. Bravo Rock star.

husomc1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

only gods are the naughty dogs, btw i'm pretty sure the pc version is ready to go, they just need to milk the max revenue out of ps3 and 360 GTAV before they release to the other platforms

waltercross1647d ago

R* are Game Developer Gods, not many Developers would even be willing to take 5 years of time and spend over $240 million on a game. That Alone makes them Gods, not to mention how good the world looks and It's detail.

dmeador1647d ago

I think it was "made" for PS3 and the 360 :) You can really say that about any game, its going to look better using better hardware, but I'm enjoying just fine on the console.

Its also a matter of what they want to spend resources on, other than just money. A PC version will no doubt be coming sometime

Shane Kim1647d ago

Then Naughty Gods are even more Gods since they can accomplish AAA games with smaller staff and smaller budget.

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showtimefolks1648d ago

well deserved RS

bully 2
midnight club
some new IP's

can't wait to see what RS do next on next gen consoles, i believe the next game they release will be agent(not sure if it will be exclusive though)

Lykon1647d ago

yeah it's good to see a well crafted game have success. It must have created a lot of jobs too.

Awesome_Gamer1647d ago

I'm so glad this outsold CoD. GTA for life!

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NYC_Gamer1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

R* and GTA V deserve the huge sales numbers

Benjammin251648d ago

I was nervous at first when playing GTA 5. Thought it would be a bit disappointing like GTA 4 was. But after playing it for over ten hours now, I have no qualms about calling it one of the greatest open world games ever, if not the best. If yearly rehashes like COD deserve the insane amounts of money they make every year, Rockstar deserve to make double. An insane amount of love and care went into it. Oh, and my god, Trevour is just one of the greatest video game characters ever.

Pintheshadows1648d ago

After 28 hours and 43 minutes i'd say it is the defining open world game. I've never experienced any other open world that is as rich and lived in as GTA5's take on San Andreas. And it isn't something that is easy to explain. It is something you have to experience. Everything is so tangible. I spent an hour tonight taking a speedboat around the coast and just drinking in the scenery.

A marvel. An absolute marvel and the first game for a while that has left me with a big smile over my face whenever I play it. Which is constantly. I'm watching Impotent Rage right now.

Lykon1647d ago

pleased to hear it's better than IV . I'm still put off by the whole mobile phones/friends missions rubbish. Maybe one day they will make one set in the 70's with great music and more of the fun elements that made Vice City great.

TongkatAli1648d ago

Congrats to Rockstar and Capcom. Both had big weeks, we need more gaming on console/handheld then ios, keep up the support : )

DVAcme1648d ago

I understand Rockstar, but what has Capcom done?

PurpHerbison1647d ago

Tremendous week for Namco as well.

Sizzon1648d ago

Congrats Rockstar, having a blast with GTA V.